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This Dog Lead His Humans To A Mysterios Box In The Mountains, Ended Up Saving Lives

Meet Aragon, a rescue dog who just saved a whole litter of kittens left to die in the mountains of Greece. But his heroism didn’t stop there – once the felines were taken to the shelter, Aragon became the best stepdad they could have dreamt of.

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Aragon’s human volunteers for SCARS animal organization. Every day she searches for pets left to die in the mountains. Just within last month, they rescued more than 25 kittens.

“This time, the kittens were lucky,” Aragon’s mom wrote. “We were walking Aragon near the mountain, actually planning to to video on the huge number of animals abandoned there, when Aragon started pulling us towards their direction – basically he was the rescuer, and he has been an excellent foster dad since day one.”

If it wasn’t for the doggie, the kittens would have became the dinner of a hungry fox, the most common predator found in the mountains near Athens.

The kittens are safe and healthy, and ready to be adopted into a loving forever home. As for Aragon… what a good boy he is!

More info: SCARS | Facebook (h/t: familypet)

Meet Aragon, a rescue dog who lead his owner to a mysterious box in the mountains of Greece

Turns out, it was full of kittens left to die

They were taken to the shelter where they got everything they needed to be safe and healthy

 Meanwhile, Aragon the dog stepped into the role of their foster dad

Not only did he save the kittens, he showered them with love, and now they’re ready to be adopted

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