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Three Most Recommendable Cities To Visit In Spain

Located in the Southwest corner of Europe, the Iberian Peninsula has always been a good choice for holidays. Not only the cost but the heart of the peninsula as well. It is one of the oldest places in Europe so it has a rich history. The most significant names in the culture, art, architecture and literature come exactly from this part of the world. The climate there is the most appropriate for the travelers and the visitors – warm enough, yet cool to enjoy while exploring the new places. Not to mention the local food and drinks. Hardly came anyone who left the country with a bed impression. According to the latest research we represent you the most visited places in Spain along with the capital, Madrid.

1. Seville

The capital of Andalusia is considered to be the most beautiful city in Spain. It is the largest city in the region with a population of about 1 million people through the whole year. It is believed that the climate and the friendly local people is what makes this city such a cozy place to stay in. The traditional flamenco dance called Sevillana was born exactly in this area. The orange wine is their trademark, but when the architecture is in question we must mention the Giralda, La Plaza de Espana, The Real Alcazar and the biggest gothic cathedral in the world as a ‘’must visit’’ places in Seville.

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2. Granada

Andalusia seems to be the most visited and highly recommendable places to visit. Granada is just another proof, another pearl of Andalusia. A city with a lot of Arabic influence and culture, over the year turned into one of the most favorite spot of the visitors that come to Spain. Their Alhambra became the most visited monument in the country with people waiting in front of it for more than 10 hours in order to visit this place. It used to be a residence that nowadays hosts an incredible number of visitors daily. The streets of this city are special and rich with history.

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3. Cordoba

The most influenced city from the Arabic culture in Spain seems to be Cordoba. A real and the greatest proof of this is the Cordoba Cathedral that used to be a mosque at one point of time. Cordoba is a small city in Andalusia, but one of the most significant ones. It was a Roman settlement that was conquered by the Muslims. As well as in Seville, the river Guadalquivir is what makes this city even more beautiful. Cordoba owns one of the most unique and specific bridges in Europe which is a ‘’must see’’ place. It is called The Roman Bridge and it’s the most visited spot on the city along with the Alcazar of Cordoba.

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