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Tihon: Very Special Cat With Odd Eyes

My mom took this handsome British-shorthair cat because of his different colored eyes. Since then he is one of my favorite models. Not only his eyes are strange but he also has a pretty weird personality, he is very human-like and sometimes he scares us with his mood swings…

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He can be very melancholic and pensive and the next second jump on something invisible and run making insane noises. He is crazy about boxes and all the things we leave on the bed: bags, clothes, laptops… and when we took it back it’s full of his white hair, so since we have him we don’t wear black clothes, because it’s immediately turned white and furry. Also he hates the camera and I have to be very fast and invisible in order to shoot him, he can be lying peacefully looking sleepy but at the moment I grab my camera he disappears, I only have few seconds each time when he is lost in his thoughts. His name is Tihon and he is 5 y.o.

ID photo

Still a kitten here

Favorite thing on Earth (after food of course)

Looking sexy

One of his favorite places

Seeing something on the wall

Messy hair in the morning

Hiding out

The cat king

Being crazy

“It’s mine now”

Studio shot

After playing with Pokemon cards all day long

He thinks he is invisible here

In my mom’s hands

With me

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