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Aokigahara Suicide Forest | Japan’s Forest Beneath Mt. Fuji

Aokigahara Suicide Forest – the world’s second most popular suicide location. The beautiful Japanese forest Aokigahara, located at the foot of Mount Fuji, hides a dark secret that inspired a new Hollywood horror film. Thousands of tourists visit it annually, but it has a sinister reputation. The dense forest in Japan is one of the “main points” where suicides occur.

In the last two decades, many desperate people have ended their days in the Aokigahara Forest. Every year, Japanese police repaint dozens of bodies, most of them discovered by tourists. Authorities fear that many remain undiscovered, in the forest living a lot of wild animals, according to Mirror.

Aokigahara hides the tremendous stories of people who have decided to put an end to their days in a dramatic way at the foot of Mount Fuji, and their motives remain a real mystery.

Aokigahara Suicide Forest |

Aokigahara: Japan’s Suicide Forest Beneath Mt. Fuji

It’s probably no surprise that this “haunted” Aokigahara forest has become the source of inspiration for a Hollywood horror film titled “The Forest“. Natalie Dormer, 34, known for her role in The Game of Thrones series, starred in her lead role. She plays Sara, an American looking for her missing sister in the Aokigahara Forest.

Filming is forbidden in Aokigahara, but the star of “Game of Thrones” strolled through the wild forest when he was in Tokyo for filming.
“He really thinks and makes you sad. Many people enter this Aokigahara forest with the intention of never going out of the woods again. Interestingly, my Japanese driver did not want to enter the forest at all. It is considered a haunted land, so I understand why the Japanese do not want to let anyone shoot it here, “said Natalia Dormer, quoted by Mirror.

Locals believe the Aokigahara Forest is home to demons and spirits known as Yuri. Director Jason Zada stashed these superstitions:

When we were in Japan, the guide who showed us the forest asked if he could give us salt on his back. I asked him why he said to me, “Well, we think that when you come to such a place, the Jurassic spirits catch your back and come home with you, and then they will haunt you. So if we give ourselves back to salt, we will get rid of them. ” It’s an incredibly sinister image that has obsessed me: people who carry Jura spirits back.

Aokigahara Suicide Forest |

Aokigahara Fuji Japan-suicide forest. Aokigahara means Sea of trees in Japanese and is second to The Golden Gate Bridge as the most popular place for suicides. There is no wind in the forest due to the geography or birds.

Aokigahara, which translates into the Sea of Trees, is the home of ice caves, which have become a very popular tourist attraction. However, in the last half century, this place has become famous as the suicide forest. Before 1990, about 30 people a year chose to end their days in Aokigahara.After 2004, their number reached 108 per year.

Local authorities have ceased to give the official number of suicide bombers, but recent police reports show that in 2010, 247 people tried to commit suicide in the forest, and 54 of them even succeeded. Only the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (USA) has such a dramatic record.

Aokigahara has already been the subject of a successful 2011 documentary called “Suicide Forest,” but also of another Hollywood film “Sea of Trees” Main actor Matthew McConaughey.

Mythology can explain why so many desperate people choose to die in this forgotten corner of Japan. According to folklore, there was a time when people with disabilities were brought here, abandoned by their families left to die in this place.

It is believed, however, that the recent phenomenon began after the release of the book “Black Sea of Trees” written by Kuroi Kaiju in 1990, whose story ends with two lovers who commit suicide in the Aokigahara Forest. It is probably not a coincidence that the number of suicides has risen since 2010. This period coincided with Japan’s economic crisis, which left thousands of unemployed, fallible and huge debts to the bank. In Japan, suicide is seen in some cases as an honorable gesture. Wataru Tsurumi wrote in the “Full Manual of Suicide” bestseller that “Aokigahara is the perfect place to die,” and many bodies discovered there were on the book.

Aokigahara Suicide Forest | Why do the Japanese choose this place to commit suicide?

Paranormal specialists talk about the evil forces that exist in this forest, about the magnetic field that attracts them. Evil forces attract people and cause them to commit suicide. In 1956, there was a real trend in Japan, even supported by intellectuals, to die by suicide, a dying death in Japanese culture. The forest has a bizarre appearance. Sunlight does not penetrate into the forest, and the access ways in the forest are real labyrinths.

Aokigahara Suicide Forest |

The forest is very easy to get lost in, with compasses and GPS often not working under its canopy (believed to be due to high iron deposits in the soil).

Japanese legends speak of the spirits of the dead that can be seen in the forest Aokigahara. The spirits of the dead by violence can not find peace and can not go to another world.The spirits remain between the two worlds. In 1990, two guards of this forest discovered the body of a hanged man. They approached the scene and saw more ghosts roaming around the suicide. The inhabitants of this area claim that anyone who dives in this forest Aokigahara can not find the way back.

The compass in forest Aokigahara does not indicate the north accurately. It is said to be a difference of 90 degrees, compared to the true position of the north. Many groups of tourists walked in the circle for hours because the compass did not work properly. The intervention was needed in order for these tourists to be recovered. Japanese specialists have admitted that a strange phenomenon is happening. It is the distortion of the person’s orientation, but also of the compasses.
The land in appearance seems to be right. In fact, under vegetation there are pits up to a depth of one meter, making it impracticable.

Watch the following video for more insights about Aokigahara:


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