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Cats Protect People And Homes From Negative Energies

Cute, fluffy and playful, cats have a long recorded presence of adoration and controversy in human history. In terms of healing abilities, it is believed by some that cats have a very strong aura and energy around them that can help in maintaining a peaceful state in their surroundings. In spreading its positive energy and strong protective aura, a cat can demonstrate playfulness where it might rub on your leg and arms.

This is the animal opening itself up to share its energy with you and the house it is in. In that sense, it would be wrong of a person to refuse such sharing of positive energy, by dismissing the animal and pushing it away. Cats even have the ability to protect you and your family from negative spirits and harmful energies that were present in your home before you moved in. It does this whether it is a house or an apartment, if the place has a negative history and left – over energies, cats can help with protection.

Other things to consider and try to observe in the behavior of your cat is movement. It is believed that cats have the ability to detect the presence of evil spirits and ghosts in your place of residence and what cat normally do is first follow the energy or ghost around. This is the animal attempting to capture the entity and drive it away from the family living there. Try to be observant of your cat’s posture and behavior. Is it going back to the same places every day or presenting a tense posture? Well, that might be an indication it has detected a negative spirit and is trying to remove it from the house.

Due to their strong abilities of detecting and disposing of house spirits, cats are not allowed in the same room when a gifted person is attempting to communicate with the spirit world. Cats can also protect you from curses inflicted by evil people and evil eyes. As mentioned previously, a cat’s energy field and aura are very strong and able to protect the house and owners of negative energies. However, in order to be fully protected in cases when you feel the person you are talking to has impure intentions towards you and your family, you must be in full contact with the animal at that specific time of conversation.

This means, stroking the cat with two hands, one hand on the tail and the other one on the neck. Only in such a case can your energies become one and form a protective circle that will keep curses away. In addition to protective abilities, cats have healing abilities too. It has long been thought that cats can even help with physical pain by lying on sore spots of the body. This often times alleviates or even completely eliminates physical discomfort.

However, those of you who would like to fully use the magical and healing abilities of cats, you should be aware of the deciding factor of color. Remember, when it comes cats, color is very important.

Black cats represent the occult and witch energy. It is magic powers and even with the prejudice towards black cats they are excellent at keeping negative energies at bay.

Red cats represent masculine energy, light and sun. it is a representation of a wealthy life, health and goal focus.

White cats are representatives of lunar energy and magic with strong powers of healing. They are best for relieving stress and help you recharge your energy. Considered a very good omen.

Two tone colored cats, according to popular legends stand for friendship, good energy and are considered bringers of wisdom.

Three tone colored cats are the supreme beings in the cat realm and in strong association with the God energies in the Universe. These cats are considered very good fortune, protectors of humans both on land and at sea, representing safe voyages and prosperity and happiness for the family.
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