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Raccoon Having The Worst Day Ever Gets Head Stuck In Tin Can

Animal control officers in Connecticut helped rescue a raccoon that got its head stuck in a tin can while it was searching for a snack. 

According to New London Animal Control, a baby raccoon’s head was trapped inside a tin can on Monday morning when New London Police found the poor animal. Officers didn’t have the proper equipment to help free the raccoon, so they asked New London Animal Control to help. New London Animal Control shared a photo of the distressed animal on their Facebook page and wrote: “He was successfully un-canned and released, while momma kept a close eye on what I was doing from the bushes 10 feet away.” 

The officer writing the post joked that while he or she was in need of some coffee that Monday, this raccoon was definitely having a worse day. “This little guy thanked me for liberating him by growling at me, charging at me, and nearly causing me to fall on my butt while backing up and trying to keep an eye on momma, who was upset that I made her little angel angry,” the officer said.

After the incident, the organization urged people to dispose of their trash properly and make sure all dumpsters are closed in order to prevent similar situations from happening in the future. 
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[Featured Image Credit: New London Animal Control]

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