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Scared 4-Year-Old Calls Police Officer To Check Under Her Bed For Monsters

When 4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch saw monsters under her bed at home in Colorado, she knew just who to call- her favorite police officer.

Sidney met Officer David Bonday at a community barbecue event with the police department about a week before her family moved into their new home, according to “He loved her the first time he met her because she was wearing her police outfit,” Sidney’s mom, Megan Fahrenbruch said. “She instantly gravitated toward him. That’s when she asked him if he’d come check her new house for monsters.”

Bonday, who works for the Longmont Police Department, agreed, and over the next few weeks, he planned what time would work best for the family. When he arrived for the inspection, Sidney was waiting for him on the steps in her police uniform. “It was cute to say the least,” Bonday told “I’ve never had anyone ask me to check for monsters before.”

Bonday handed Sidney a flashlight and the two began their search. “They searched the whole house, top to bottom,” her mom said. “They went to town. They looked in every closet, every bathroom and every room to make sure there were none.”

At the end of the investigation, Bonday and Sidney determined the home was secure, “We didn’t find any monsters, cleared the whole house as a matter of fact,” he said. While Sidney’s mom knew they would come to that conclusion, she still said her family appreciated having Officer Bonday come by to check.

“It actually gave her the confidence to be around the new house,” she explained. “She wants to be a police officer now more than ever.”

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