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Australia’s Most Popular Beaches

Incredible landscapes, crystal clear water, white-sand beaches, spectacular and calm sunsets. This is how Australia welcomes their visitors and keeps their attention during their stay there. Among the most popular, if not the most popular continent the beaches and perfect getaways are in question. The Australia’s cost from all their sides is something one should see in order to understand it. This continent definitely owns the most famous beaches, the latest researches show. We sincerely recommend you the top five most beautiful ones according to the opinion of the travelers worldwide.

1. Whitehaven beach

This beach is not just Australia’s number one beach but one of the top five beaches worldly known beaches. This white-sand beach is about 7 km long and it makes the Whitsunday Island the most famous among the islands that belong to the territory of Australia. The access to the island is very easy as one car reach it by boat, by plane as well as with helicopter.

Image by Nic Tinker via Flickr

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2. Turquoise bay

Diving has never been so interesting. Try to do it on this bay and you will never want to leave this little piece of Haven on Earth. It is located south of Bavaria coast and north of Sunset coast. It is in fact a chain of forty islands over a distance of 150 km.

Image by Murray Foubister via Flickr

Image by andrea castelli via Flickr

3. Bells beach

Bells beach is the pearl of Victoria, Australia. It is located about 100 km south-west of Melbourne and it’s a well know surf beach. Most of the visitors come here to do sport on the great waves while enjoying the beautiful view.

Image by Kit Carruthers via Flickr

4. Coles bay

Coles Bay is an Australian town on the east coast of Tasmania. It is so small that it has just about 470 inhabitants including the surrounding area. The visitors come here mainly for hiking, fishing, boating, biking and sea kayaking. The sunsets over Coles Bay are spectacular!

Image by Robyn Jay via Flickr

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5. Noosa Main beach

Noosa Main beach could not be an exception on the list of the top five most beautiful beaches in Australia. It’s one of the few beaches in Australia that faces north. Noosa Heads is actually a town on the Sunshine coast worth visiting when in Australia.

Image by daisy.images via Flickr

Image by daisy.images via Flickr

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