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Nikola Tesla ∴ Secrets and Interaction With Aliens | Great Genius

Tesla was undoubtedly the greatest genius of the twentieth century. Our lifestyle nowadays, the technology that we take for granted, all are possible thanks to this remarkable man coming from Europe. However, despite all these contributions in the field of science, his name is very little known outside the fields of electronics and physics. In fact, Thomas Edison is mistakenly attributed to his school textbooks the inventions that have been developed and patented by Tesla.


Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

Most researchers admit that they did not know much about Tesla because of its extravagance and fantastic choices from the years of its decline that concerned communication with other planets and the rays of death. It is known that many of these unusual inventions of Tesla are scientifically and operationally accurate.mankind simply took more time to come up with the stunning inventions of a genius who died in mysterious conditions in 1943.

It is known that Tesla had financial problems over the years of maturity. Because of these problems, Tesla had to move several times when she could no longer afford to stay in those locations. Hotel Waldorf Astoria in New York has been Tesla’s home for twenty years; however, he had to move in 1920 when he could not stay in that place. Tesla then moved to Hotel Regis but was forced to leave due to lack of financial support.

Being forced to move from one hotel to another, he left boxes of documents where he had to leave as a guarantee for his debts. These crates, which were sought after Tesla’s death, became the key to deciphering the mystery of Tesla’s true identity and the incredible life that he had secretly brought.

Seizure of documents

When Tesla died on January 7, 1943, at the age of 86, representatives of the American Property Office, at the request of the Federal Investigation Office, went to the New Yorker Hotel and seized all of his personal belongings. Two trucks loaded with papers, furniture, and manufactured items were sent under sequester to the Manhattan Storage and Storage Company.

This cargo was added to almost thirty barrels and packs that had been stored since 1930, and the entire cargo was seized on the order of the American Property Office.

After Tesla’s death, the US government made every effort to find all the scientist’s documents, notes, and research before they were found by foreign forces. Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanovic, confessed that before arriving at the American Property Office representatives, someone else had clearly testified among Tesla’s personal belongings and had stolen an unknown number of personal scraps and documents.

It was already known by the Federal Investigation Office that the German Intelligence Service had stolen a significant number of documents containing research some years before his death. It is believed that these stolen materials would have contributed to the development of the Nazi flying saucer.


Tesla Funeral

The United States wanted to make sure this was not going to happen again. However, more than half a dozen boxes containing Tesla’s personal belongings left at hotels like Waldorf Astoria, Governor Clinton and Regis had already been sold to merchants to pay Tesla’s huge bills. Any thing that had the closest connection to the great scientist was quickly confiscated and lost among the American secret networks in the run-up to the Second World War.

However, more than half a dozen boxes containing Tesla’s personal belongings left at hotels like Waldorf Astoria, Governor Clinton and Regis had already been sold to merchants to pay Tesla’s huge bills.

Most of these boxes and the secrets they contained were never found. In 1976, four seemingly missing boxes containing documents were taken to the auction house of an individual named Michael P. Bornes. Very little is known about this Mr Bornes except that he had been a book seller in Manhattan. This action took place in Newark, New Jersey, and their boxes and contents were auctioned to Dale Alfrey for twenty-five dollars.

Alfrey had no idea what the boxes contained when he bought them under the impulse of a whim. When he went on, he was surprised to learn that these papers contained what appeared to be Tesla’s laboratory papers and personal scraps. Some of Tesla’s lost testimonies were once again uncovered. However, because of ignorance, they were to be lost again.

Although in 1976, in America, Nikola Tesla’s name was unknown to many people. Alfrey had no idea how important the documents the owner had been. Running the impressive number of documents, he initially thought he had gone over the writings of an SF writer. What he read seemed so stunning that it seemed impossible for any document to be true.


Nikola Tesla

Showing too little interest in what he had bought, Afrey stored the boxes in the cellar thinking he would go through the documents inside them later when he had more time. Twenty years have passed before Alfrey has time to open up the strange boxes. Unfortunately, the time had been ruthless with the so important materials contained in the boxes.

Documents had been seriously damaged by mould and the ink had been wiped off because of the fact that they had been stored for so many years in a humid basement. Alfrey was determined not to make these materials disappear forever and started a thorough job trying to transcribe the information before it was too late.

Showing too little interest in what he had bought, Afrey stored the boxes in the cellar thinking he would go through the documents inside them later when he had more time. Twenty years have passed before Alfrey has time to open up the strange boxes.

Alien messages intercepted by Tesla

However, Alfrey found himself caught in reading these impressive documents. Tesla’s notes are shocking by the revelations he provides about the secret life of the scientist. A life that Tesla had lived before had never been mentioned or documented by Tesla’s biographers after his death.

Tesla wrote about the years of research made to interpret strange radio signals, and his attempts to alert the government and the armed forces to the things he had discovered had not resulted in any results.his letters remained apparently unanswered.


Nikola Tesla

Tesla secretly held talks with several of his benefactors, including Colonel John Jacob Astor, who owned the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. These benefactors listened to Tesla and secretly funded what would be the beginning of the first battle of mankind to regain control of one’s destiny.this battle was initiated by Nikola Tesla.

Although this information seems absolutely incredible, Tesla has made some hints about the difficult situation in which she is in various interviews with newspapers and magazines. Tesla may have provided more details on the subject in an article titled “Communicating with the Planets” in the weekly Colliers (March 1901).
These lost notes revealed that while in Colorado Springs, Tesla intercepted messages from extraterrestrial creatures that secretly controlled mankind. These creatures were slowly preparing people for final conquest and domination, using a program that had existed since the beginning of mankind, but which began to develop due to the scientific advances of the planet.


Nikola Tesla

While I was improving my appliances to produce intense electrical activities, I was able to find ways of observing as significant as possible. One of the most exciting results, and one of great practical importance, was the development of certain devices that could indicate from a distance of many hundreds of miles a storm that was approaching, the direction it was taking, the speed of travel, and the distance on who went through it.

I discovered those mysterious effects that made me feel so alive for the first time that I was working on this project. I had improved my device that I have been referring to so far in my laboratory in the Colorado Mountains that I felt the pulse of the earthly globe as it came, observing every electrical change that occurred within a radius of a thousand miles (approximately 1769.3 km). I will never forget the first experiences I had when I realized I had noticed something that could have enormous consequences for mankind.

I felt as if I had participated in the birth of a new science or the revelation of a great truth. My first observations really frightened me because they contained something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my lab at night, but at the time, the thought that these disturbances were smartly controlled signals did not come into my mind.

The changes we observed took place periodically and with an exact suggestion of numbers and order that they could not be likened to any cause I knew. I was, of course, aware of such electrical disturbances as those produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and the currents of the earth, and we were certainly certain that these variations were not due to any of these causes.

The nature of my experiments excluded the possibility that these changes would be caused by atmospheric disturbances, as some have hurriedly suggest. It was only after a while that the thought that the disturbances I noticed might be due to intelligent control. Though we can not decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think that they had occurred absolutely accidentally.

I’m getting more and more feeling that I was the first to hear greetings from one planet to another. There is an end beyond these electrical signals. “

The interstellar transmitter of Tesla

Dozens of years later, on his birthday in 1937, Tesla announced:


Nikola Tesla

I spent a lot of time in the past year that I have perfected a new compact and compact device whereby energy can now be emitted in impressive amounts in interstellar space at any distance without dispersing at all.

Tesla did not make public any details of the improved transmitter, but in the announcement made in 1937, revealed a new formula, showing that:

The kinetic and potential energy of a body is the result of a movement and is determined by its mass product and the square of velocity its. If the mass is reduced, and the energy is reduced in the same proportion. If the mass is reduced to zero, and the energy will also be zero for any finite speed.

Why was Tesla’s conviction that she had intercepted extraterrestrial radio signals so little? Perhaps the truth was kept secret.




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