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Radio Signals Received by Astronomers | Galaxy at 3 Billion Light Years

Radio Signals |15 radio pulses from a MYSTERIOUS source found at 3 billion light years from Earth.

Astronomers have detected several days ago repeated radio signals coming from a distant galaxy at a distance of 3 billion light years.

The well-known signals called “fast radio burst” (FRB) are a new group of radio emissions coming from a source called the “recidivist.”

15 such radio signals were detected by astronomers on Aug. 26, according to Astronomer’s Telegram, without much detail. More details about these signals, which theoretically can be emitted by aliens, will be offered in a report to be published soon, Newsweek said.

Radio Signals

Mysterious Radio Burst Came From A Galaxy 2.5 Billion Light Years Away, Astronomers Discover

Each such signal does not last for more than a few milliseconds. Because of this, of too little time, it is very difficult to establish the origin.

According to present analyzes, it is not known whether these radio pulses have as their source extraterrestrial life forms or are created by a natural process that takes place in the distant Universe, informs Mail Oline.

Signals come from a source called FRB 121102 because it was the first location from which the experts detected the FRB in 2016.

Radio Signals

FRB 121102 source pinpointed

According to the study, from that year pulsations come from a dwarf galaxy of 3 billion light years from Earth.

When the 15 pulsars left the dwarf galaxy, the entire Solar System was only 2 billion years old. The latest radio pulses were detected by a team of experts headed by Dr. Vishal Gajjar, a researcher at UC Berkeley, United States of America.

Gajjar managed to collect about 400 terabytes of object information over a 5-hour period. The information has been gathered by Breakthrough Listener’s extraterrestrial life research program, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen Hawking, and billionaire Yuri Milner.

In the recent observations, experts have found that the frequency of radio pulses is much higher than the previous ones.

The main hypothesis suggests that these radio signals could be transmitted by a young star of 2.4 billion light years. Even so, the mechanisms that lead to pulsations are still unclear.


What is the Radio Signals source

Over the past 15 years, more than 20 “bouts” of radio signals have been detected. Most were stand-alone events, unique signals. But in 2016 astronomers wrote in Nature’s journal that they discovered a repeating radio signal, called FRB 121102.

It was located in a dwarf galaxy, 3 billion light years away. However, it is not known what led to these signals being emitted, since in that region of space nothing could emit them.

And here, in less than a year, these radio signals are heard again, bullying astronomers. Several hypotheses have been advanced, one of which mentions a cataclysmic event – a star that is swallowed by a black hole – but in this case only a single, not repetitive, the signal could be explained.

Scientists seem to exclude the possibility that radio signals come from an advanced alien civilization, the source shows.

Radio activity was detected with the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. It is the first time that radio waves are obviously repeating, suggesting that this is not accidental emissions generated by starvation, but a rather intentional emission that could be developed by an advanced civilization.

“Signs of this type have never been signaled,” said Andrew Siemion, director of the Berkeley SETI Research Center.

Scientists, however, do not rule out independent explanations of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, including the possibility of coming from neutron stars with extremely strong magnetic fields.



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