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Was the man created by an Alien Species? | Creation and Science

Alien Species | Since ancient times, creation has been an important subject in human life. Each culture has tried to elucidate this mystery, offering different perspectives on the moment and the way in which man was created, but not least on his purpose on Earth.

Browsing the Sumerian sacred texts, we find out that many thousands of years ago, when Anunnaki, an alien species originally from Nibiru, descended on Terra, created the man. The creative process was extensive and aimed at developing a hybrid species to work for aliens.

The Ancient Mayan texts support the same thing as Sumerian ones. The holy book, Popol Vuh, describes with exquisite detail how “the mighty gods who came from a distant planet created man.” Interestingly, there is no mention of the purpose of creation in these texts. However, it is speculated that these unnamed gods wanted to expose their power or better say their knowledge and create a species capable of evolution.

The Ancient Egyptian religion does not possess a clear anthropogony, but the oldest religious system in Egypt, speaks of creation as the effect of a creative power, of thought, of the word of a single god – Ptah. He originally created a thought, after which he pronounced it, this being the first act of creation – in this mythology, the original creation is based on superior psychological processes: thinking and language. Also in the context of Egyptian mythology, more precisely, in their artistic representations, another Egyptian tradition states that people were born of the tears of a god afflicted by the loss of his eye.

Alien Species

Was the man created by an alien species?

Chinese anthropology is based on a couple brother-sister Fu Xi and Nii Wa, two beings with dragon tails, who moulded people from clay and mud; the same mythologies are attributed to the Pan-Ku entity, which creates both man and the world from his body. In this case, one can see a correlation with Christian mythology, which presupposes the existence of a single Almighty God who created man after his “image and likeness.”

Christian religions teach that the world has been brought from being into the being of God. This act of creation is made only by the power of the word, for He says, and the world is created as a result of His omnipotence. So the world comes into being as a result of the word of God so that everything that exists is His and is created in time. God is timeless, time is outside Him, but also in Him, for there is no time without God. But before creating the world that enters the senses created angels who are superior to man.

In the mythology of the Akkadians, neighbours of the Jews, the man was created of clay by certain divine workers, then the goddesses Nammu and Aruru shaped his heart and the deity En-Ki gave him life. This original fact shows that there is no unnecessary distance between the nature of man and the gods: although man is created to serve the gods, he is also their imitator and collaborator. People had to respect their commandments given by divinity, not to violate the precepts of the sacred order which ensure both the good course of the universal world and of human society.

Alien Species |Creation and science

If ancient texts provide a single perspective on creation, science has not always been so clear. Several decades ago, scientists suggested that man was born of the monkey and, following evolution, has come to the present stage.

This Darwinian theory has been universally accepted until science has reached a new threshold of development. When it was realized that the human DNA contains not less than 223 foreign genes.

Alien Species

DNA molecules

Francis Crick, the Nobel laureate, has discovered since the middle of the last century that human DNA does not belong to this world. Thus, Crick was perhaps the first researcher to try to prove that man was created by alien intelligence.

Many years later, Russian scientist Vsevolod Troitsky claimed that Terra is nothing but an alien laboratory. Here, constantly, various experiments are taking place, and man was created. Of course, this theory has not caught because it is an incredible one, but if we come back to the sacred texts then it can be true.

Also today there are dozens or perhaps hundreds of books that offer different theories of creation. Eventually the truth is not yet known to man, and for this reason, we tend to believe that the motive of creation is not a spiritual one, and that is why truth will not come out too soon.


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