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Does HCG weight loss have a scientific proof or Is it a Scam?

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Man has come a long way since the time he was just a mere animal struggling for survival every moment of its life. It has been because of the curious nature of man, which is why the human beings have been able to progress this much. Curiosity can only be dispersed off by being able to find sure shot answers to the queries. Hunting skills developed and man learned to cultivate and store crops. With baby but sure steps, man has become the super human that we see today. With modern advancements in science, we can see and hear others, thousands of miles apart. 

Whatever progress man has made, science is responsible for that. Science is the study of the world around us through observations and experiments. This helps to explain the phenomenon and the explanations are testable and can always be proved. The laws of nature govern everything that happens around us and nothing goes beyond that. Anything that can be scientifically proven is the right thing. So, to believe in anything, we need to scientifically verify the given scenarios. Let us do some research on the HCG diet for weight loss and try to find out the facts behind the claims.

What is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that has been given this acronym HCG. It is an hormone that spikes up when implantation of the embryo in a mother's womb happens It has been considered to cause the morning sickness, nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy. This hormone is 2 part protein, namely α-chorionic gonadotropin and β-chorionic gonadotropin. β-chorionic gonadotropin is a unique protein that occurs in HCG only whereas α-chorionic gonadotropin is found in luteinising hormone, also known as LH, follicle stimulating hormone, also known as FSH and thyroid stimulating hormone also known as TSH. This HCG is mainly responsible for the nourishment of the embryo that just started to exist.

How is HCG related to weight loss?

It is believed that HCG increases the metabolism of a pregnant lady for the nourishment of the developing fetus. The sudden increase in HCG hormone in pregnant women also leads to nausea and vomiting. This in turn causes the pregnant women to lose weight during early pregnancy. Taking a clue from this a British endocrinologist Dr. Simeons got the idea of inducing weight loss using this hormone. Dr. Simeons was working in India and monitoring the health of pregnant women. These women were malnourished but still delivered healthy babies. Dr. Simeons deduced that HCG was the agent that was acting up to tap in from the fat reserves of the mother, so that the baby is not deprived of nutrition.

After this, Dr. Simeons did some experiments on adolescent boys where he tried to establish the fact that HCG helps to boost up metabolism and help burn belly fat, when they were put on a diet of 500 calories only. He also published a book by the name of Pounds and Inches in which he stipulated the HCG diet, about which you can read more about hcg dietery plan and its phases.

What is the HCG diet protocol stipulated by Dr. Simeons?

It is to be noted that HCG diet is not merely the induction of the hormone in the human metabolic system it is a wholesome management of the diet. Dr. Simeons put a great deal of importance to the intake of water which must be sufficiently large for a person following HCG diet. Similarly there is a strict guidance to the diet of an individual following the HCG routine. We will take a look at the food intake information of an individual in a moment but first let us delve a bit deeper into the mechanism of the protocol. For individuals who want to shred weight in excess of 12 to 17 pounds they need to follow 26 days of Dr. Simeons HCG treatment during which he or she needs to take hcg drops.

Now let us take a look at the HCG food items to eat while on this treatment. The following drinks and food are recommended by Dr. Simeons in his book Pounds and inches. Juice of one lemon, seasoning of pepper , garlic ,parsley, vinegar ,thyme, sweet basil, marjoram, mustard powder, bay leaf, red chilies, turmeric are allowed. Water intake of one and half gallon is recommended and drinks such as coffee and tea are allowed. Fruits such as strawberries, green apples are to be taken in between meals.

The technique is scientifically well thought out and produces dramatic results that can be noticed immediately after completion of the protocol. This is why HCG diet has been so widely accepted in America where the popularity of HCG diet has increased in leaps and bounds over the span of few years. The hormone induction of HCG Drops has been observed to be equally effective in burning calories in both male and female individuals. The HCG hormone intake once augmented by strict observance of diet has again and again produced excellent result in losing weight resulting in a happy and better lifestyle. 

We all know what it feels like to be bogged down by mass of fat hanging around our belly and other regions of the body. It produces hindrance in every activity we do. We face socially awkward situations where merely our physical stature determines the opportunities that life offers, whether be jobs or suitable mates. Yet the problem of obesity has become so common in modern society because of unhealthy food and poor diet and lack of time to exercise that it has taken the shape of an epidemic. So the problem is there and is bothering many and they need to find a way to be normal again, to lead a normal healthy lifestyle and HCG diet has no doubt shown the way to millions to achieve their objectives in life. 

Thus many individuals throughout the world thank Dr. Simeons for his extraordinary contribution in finding an effective scientific method and devising a standard protocol that will apply to all individuals fighting with the menace of obesity.
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