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Dorothy Eady | Reincarnation of Omm Sety – Priestess in Ancient Egypt


The phenomenon of reincarnation is a fascinating subject, but few cases can be considered trustworthy. Dorothy Eady’s story is, however, the most important and most credible of all. The Irish-born young woman had only one dream, to return to ancient Egypt, to the world she once lived in.

Do you believe in reincarnations? Millions of people from all over the world believe strongly in the phenomenon of reincarnation. Interestingly, there are cases where some individuals seem to remember exactly who they were in their previous lives.

Early in school, Dorothy was fascinated by ancient history and Egyptian-related stories, pyramids, and pharaohs. Parents encouraged her passion and took her to the British Museum to see the collection of artifacts and mummies brought from the halls dedicated to Egypt.

The parents of the little girl realized that she behaves strangely. As soon as they reached the section devoted to Egyptian art, Dorothy remained stunned and transfigured. She could not get away from the artifacts and look at a mummy for a long time, not wanting to go home again. Parents also noticed that the child ran to a statue, turned around her and kissed her legs.

Since that time, Dorothy had a revelation and her behavior has changed definitively. Began to talk about the world of the ancient Egyptians, about the palaces of the pharaohs, kissed the gods’ feet in the museum, and tried to persuade her parents that she was her real home in Egypt.

A few days later, when she saw photos of Seti’s temple in the press, the little girl told her parents that she was her real home and that she lived there. All he wanted was to get to his birthplace as soon as possible.

Began to dream more and more of ancient images of ancient Egypt, columns of temples surrounded by lush vegetation, Egyptian figures and pharaohs, scenes from their everyday life … with the passage of time, Dorothy committed himself to having a strong spiritual bond with the people of those times and began to “hear” the messages sent by Seti.


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