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Enoch / Saurid – Builder Of Great Pyramid of Egypt


Enoch Builder Of Great Pyramid? | On the west bank of the Nile, there is the oldest of the ancient world wonders, the Great Pyramid. According to accepted history, the Great Pyramid was built around 2500 BC as the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu.

However, the dating of the Pyramid and its association with Khufu is entirely based on the discovery made in 1837 by the British explorer Richard William Howard Vyse (was a British soldier, anthropologist, and Egyptologist. He was also Member of Parliament (MP) for Beverley (from 1807 to 1812) and Honiton (from 1812 to 1818).

in 1992 Boston University geologist Robert Schoch created a stir among Egyptologist when he suggested based on the water erosions at the Sphinx enclosure, he will date the site to approx 10500 BC

Some Egyptologists believe it was probably built from the ice age, perhaps by another civilization older and more evolved than the later. Many inscriptions show images of some flying machines that built the pyramids and the Sphinx

According to Arabian writers Al-Maqrizi, the Great Pyramid was not constructed by Khufu, the great pyramid was constructed long before the great flood by a king with the name of SAURID, and then the old Arabian writers clearly seeing that SAURID is the same person which the Hebrew society calls Enoch.

In “Ancient Legends of the Jews,” ENOCH is a “king over all people,” who reigned for exactly 243 years. In the book of Genesis, ENOCH is mentioned as one of the ten patriarchs who reigned before the Flood. In the Bible, ENOCH is recalled in five sentences (Genesis 5:21 – 24)

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