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Leonardo Da Vinci | Caterina was an orphan and lived with her grandmother in a house on a hill, 1.5 kilometers from Florence. Her grandmother dies in 1451, and a year later, Caterina gets pregnant. It was a great drama to get pregnant out of marriage. The child was raised by his father’s grandfather.
When Leonardo went to Florence to study he was Leonardo of Ser Pietro da Vinci. His mother married a farmer with a boy and four girls. He has a life full of shortcomings. Later, Caterina was taken to Milan by Leonardo, where she was buried.
Leonardo da Vinci dies in 1519 and was buried in the Saint Florentin chapel of the Amboise castle in the Loire Valley, France. Following the revolution of 1802, the castle and the chapel were destroyed.
The dozens of paintings that were exposed in the castle were stolen or destroyed. In 1863, bones were found in a tomb among the ruins of the chapel. The LEO DUS VINC was written on the tomb. Chronicles of the time wrote, the skull uncovered was particularly large, a sign that the possessor had an exceptional brain.
The bones were moved to the Saint Hubert chapel. Specialists hope to find DNA traces on artist’s notebooks on paintings to help identify if bones really belong to the great Leonardo da Vinci.
Leonardo da Vinci was not only a great painter. He was a military, engineer, inventor, and accused of espionage. Da Vinci was an eccentric character through his ideas, clothing. He was considered a real dandy.
A tall guy, 1.95 meters, bearded, was refined. At the age of 24, da Vinci is at the center of a scandal. An anonymous denunciation of sodomy is made. Because the nephew of the Medicis family was also involved in this scandal, the scandal is flattened.
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