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Nuclear War In Ancient Times | War Between Rama Empire and Atlantis?

Nuclear War in Ancient Times


There are many places on Earth that seem to have been destroyed by a nuclear explosion, but the most amazing of all is Mohenjo Daro, the ancient city whose ruins were discovered in the third decade of the last century.
Located today in the territory of Pakistan, Mohenjo Daro is part of a set of settlements belonging to the so-called Harappa civilization, also known as the Indus Valley civilization.
One of those who have dedicated their lives to studying these ruins is the Englishman David W. Davenport, who, after 12 years of research, published in 1979 a book entitled “Atomic Destruction – 2000 BC”, the volume being built on the hypothesis that Mohenjo Daro did not ruin the passage of time, but its end was the consequence of a nuclear deflagration.
  • A macabre view
The extraordinary story of the Dead Mountain begins at the discovery of the first ruins and shows that once the vestiges of the ancient settlement have been brought to light, the archaeologists have found a crater with a diameter of nearly 50 meters, inside of which everything, including stone, is melted or crystallized as if it were heated by a huge temperature.
At the edge of this crater, the bricks are melted and welded to each other on the side of the alleged impact. Researchers at the outset exclude the possibility that the area has been fired by the eruption of a volcano, as there are none nearby.
  • Hundreds of skeletons
The devastated area spans an area of three kilometers in diameter. Everywhere there are black stones, deformed pieces of stone that have given much thought to archaeologists, until it has been discovered that it is fragments of ceramic pots, melted into one another, probably after being subjected to the same giant temperature.
When the excavations reached the streets, archaeologists faced a macabre view. In some of the strangest positions, hundreds of skeletons have been found.
  • Advanced civilization
The discoveries from Mohenjo Daro are not singular.
The same apocalyptic scenes also meet in the neighboring town of Harappa, where skeletons have also been found on the streets. The archaeological excavations allowed the researchers to assert that the Harappa civilization was very advanced.
The cities of the region are built according to a rigorous plan, with straight streets that intersect perpendicularly. Houses have sophisticated sewer systems, superior to those that can now be found in many cities of India and Pakistan.
But who was the founder of these cities is not known.
  • High level of radioactivity
In the scientific community, there is an endless debate on the age of Harappa civilization. Traditional radio-carbon methods have shown that ruins date back to around 2500 BC, but taking into account the effects of an alleged nuclear explosion, the risk of an error is very high.
Some authors advance the idea that the nuclear war that destroyed these civilizations took place 8,000-12,000 years ago.
The case was studied in the past century by several Soviet scientists who have found that skeletons have a high level of radioactivity.
In one of these locations, a skeleton with a radioactivity level of 50 times greater than normal was found.
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