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6 of the world’s most amazing natural wonders you can see in spring

To celebrate the start of spring here are 6 of the world’s most incredible natural wonders that you can see once the frost of winter has melted and summer is on your doorstep. Be inspired and check out these amazing sights.

1. Cherry Blossom

Where: Japan, especially Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto

When: Late March to early April

Birdsong, bluebells and blossom (and anything else that begins with ‘b’) – can you get anymore spring-y? Well, Japan’s cherry blossom is certainly one of the world’s most impressive natural sights, but be quick because ‘full bloom’ will only last for around one week. The date of this natural phenomenon can vary year to year, but this year late March to early April has been deemed the best time to see Japan’s biggest cities coated in pink blossom – a last minute break might have to happen if you’re going to catch it in time! The best blossoms are along the Philosopher’s Walk in Kyoto, which is a cherry tree lined path alongside a canal leading to hidden temples and shrines. And once you’re done with the cherry blossom, there’s loads more to see and do in Kyoto, look here’s the city guide to prove it.

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When to see cherry blossom Japan

2. Grey whale watching

Where: Oregon and California in the United States

When: Late March to early April

Spring is the best time to see these majestic creature in their natural habitat. Whale-spotting season depends on the breed you’re trying to catch a glimpse of, and March to April is the best time for grey whale watching. 20,000 whales migrate south towards Mexico, moving closing to shore to feed, making whale watching off the coastlines of Oregon and California in the US another unique sight of spring. Why not consider it the perfect time for that all-American road trip you’ve been dreaming of? Here, take a look at this ultimate west coast trip plan, including riding along Route 66 and wine tasting in Napa Valley.

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When to see grey whales

3. A black Sun

Where: Wadden Sea National Park, Denmark

When: Throughout spring

Known as the ‘Black Sun’, Denmark’s biggest natural event attracts up to one million starlings flying in formation above Wadden Sea National Park. Creating an awe-inspiring aerial ballet before landing in the protected wildlife reserve, more than 100,000 visitors attend the spectacle each year. Binoculars, picnic blanket and a hot flask of tea at the ready!

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When to see starlings

4. Bambi spotting

Where: Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom

When: Throughout spring

Don’t worry, this one isn’t a tear-jerker, just the chance to catch a glimpse of cute baby deer frolicking in the English countryside. Deers mate in autumn so that they can give birth during the warmth of spring. So, if you’re interested in wildlife – the cute, Disney-esque kind – then you’re in for a treat, as spring is the best time of year to go Bambi spotting. Want more ideas for spring breaks in the UK? Good, because we’ve got a whole bunch of them here that are perfect for you and the family.

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When to see baby deer

5. Beautiful bluebells

Where: Across the UK, including Oversley Wood in Warwickshire and Ashenbank Wood in Kent

When: Late March to early April

If booking a last minute trip to Japan for the cherry blossom, or Oregon for a spot of whale watching won’t be possible this year, don’t stress. A spring staycation will still bring you something unique out of the change in season. Of course, daffodils signify spring in the UK, but a sea of bluebells can be even more impressive. Only being at their best for a few weeks, you need to get out on a spring walk soon if you’re going to see them – Oversley Wood in Warwickshire and Ashenbank Wood in Kent are just two of the best spots to see these blooming bluebells in all of their glory. Looking for more walking and hiking holiday ideas? Here are the UK’s best routes for you to check out next time you fancy braving the British weather.

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When to see the bluebells in spring

6. The Northern Lights

Where: Sweden, Norway, Iceland or Denmark

When: October through to April

On many a bucket list, and predicted to become a lot less frequent over the next decade, it could be a case of now or never if you’re going to see the Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. Spring is your last strong chance of ticking them off your list before the light nights of summer take hold. Iceland is a favourite spot for Aurora chasers, however Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark are also up there with the best places to spot the Northern Lights in their prime. Aurora hunters should check out our full guide on where to see the northern Lights before it’s too late!

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When to see the Northern Lights

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