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How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe On The Road 24/7

Technology in the automobile is such that are designed to give every driver the best experience on the wheels. The engineers are not resting on their oars; they are in the business of giving the everyone involved on the wheels an experience that they will cherish despite any prevailing weather.

You Have No Business with Issues On The Wheel

It is said today that despite all the efforts to make driving an automobile a pleasurable experience; people still struggle with avoidable problems on the road. It is noticed that people are always in a hurry. In the rush to get to the destination; they leave behind the basics that would have saved them a lot of problem in the first place. There is a Basic Tire Maintenance Tips For Every Driver. How many drivers know about these basics? Those that know; how many do apply these basics?

If you desire the best from the best automobile on the road; then you must know and apply the following basic principles:

What Is The Only Thing Between The Vehicle And The Road?

That question may appear rather too elementary, but it is very important that we ask ourselves that very question for the sake of emphasis and to drive home the point of the argument. The drivers of today do not place expected emphasis on the tire. The fact that you arrived destination safely and on time is due to the co-operation of your tires on the wheels.

Some drivers are lucky to get to the destination safely just by the stroke of mother luck because if the state of the tires were to be taken into account; then they will not get to their destinations in one whole piece. The tire deserves your attention because its performance can make or mar your journey. If some drivers have paid due attention to their tires, they would have avoided some of the issues that developed during the cause of their journey.

Why Do You Spend More On Fuel?

Some drivers complain today about the fuel consumption of their vehicles. They devote their resources to getting expert inputs to check on the internal mechanisms of the vehicle. The target is always on the injector/carburetor as the case may apply. They believed that the causes can only be limited to that area.

Even the experts are fooled in some instances. But then; do you know that your tire that is unevenly gauged can be the sole factor responsible for this? When your tire is not properly gauged; it will give you some issues on the road. Let us consider the issues:

* The Fuel Consumption Rate

When the tire is not evenly gauged, you will have problems with the tire having more friction on the road. When there is friction; there will be more opposition to smooth movements on the wheels. Your vehicle will consume more fuel because there will be more of a dragging movement than a rolling movement on the road. That is the simple logic.

* The Life Span Of The Tire

According to the experts; if your tire stays 30% under normal pressure and you hit the roads with that pressure; you are going to shorten the lifespan of the tire by about 30%. That is the reality of what is going to happen. Many drivers have fallen victim of this and many are still falling victim even as at this day. You can be the odd driver having read this article.

Can you see the reason why you should get the right pressure for all your tires before you step out to the highways? It will save you a lot of issues.

Your Spare Tire

Also, your spare tire should not be excluded. Many drivers erroneously believe that since they have not used the spare tire; it will be in the state they left it. That is far from the practical reality on the ground.

Now, can you take this practical step on going out now to check on the pressure of your spare tire? This is a practical test that is necessary to drive home the point of this argument. You will discover that despite the fact that you have not used it for some time; the pressure has reduced.

Give it the attention that you give the other tires because you may need it when you least expected. If it is not in line pressure wise with the other tires, there will be issues. I hope you now understand the point of the argument.

Rotate The Tires

We are not going to close this tire maintenance tips without talking on the issue of rotating the tires. Yes, rotate them to ensure uniform wear and tear of the tires. The pressure on the front tires is different on that of the rear tires. Rotate them at random to ensure uniformity in their wear and tear.

Author Bio: I am Kelly, Content Manager at Car Ninja blog. Being an ardent Car Lover, I write almost everything about Cars ranging from Product reviews, Automobile News & Beginner tips for learning any new Car Technology.
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