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10 Creepiest Surveillance Footages

giving lift in the Weinstein Matthew Township of koala lumper on the evening of August 20th 2007 she left her home to go to a nearby market and never returned according to Witnesses and turn into a white van on the morning of September 17th a sports bag was found in front of a shop was the body of Naran when investigators chicks CCTV footage in the area they saw a motorcyclist dropping off the bag containing the footage on the quality of the Lord to be helpful and the crime remains number 9 Jacksonville clowns in 2014 many residents of Jacksonville Florida reported seeing clowns walking up to their porches and staring at a security cameras what other soda Miss plain creepy on one video pumpkin Halloween decoration depart before staring at the camera the culprit culprit have never been identified and the clowns remain a mystery number 8 Steven koecher on December 12th 2009 after months of unemployment Steven koecher decided to travel from Utah to Las Vegas to find work he was never seen again is called found in the wealthy area of Nevada with wrap Christmas presents for his family inside footage was found with him walking down the street on the same day he disappeared however no trace of him is being found in 6 years number 7 Allen Jill on February 15th 2014 in England is wearing only socks in his mouth found on the beach was doing the area or how is Buddy ended up in the water number six Trevor deely in 2022 call Trevor deely was attending a Christmas party at the bank of islands when he worked at 3 a.m. he left the club to the bank’s headquarters where he had coffee with a co-worker the lost footage of Trevor show me some exiting the bank’s headquarters 4 a.m. before he vanished surveillance footage shows trouble being followed by another man with an umbrella he was also seen waiting outside the bank as Trevor entered an hour before the man has never been identified the sound number 5 James River on June 8th 1996 and her friends have finished partying in the Continental Hotel in Perth Australia outside the Hotel this was the last time James Brown still alive in a remote area when turn back the Paragon number for Pamela Butler in 2009 47 year old Pamela Butler was found missing of the family search the house looking for her email days before but never shows her leaving again boyfriend is entering the house when she apparently broke up with him on the spot and kick them out with no explanation cover was a small window which was left open Pamela’s fate remains a mystery to this day number free Mary Ann Fowler on Christmas Eve 2002 Mary and Fowler was visiting her in car weighted husband when she stopped at the mall in Texas to buy a Subway sandwich after she disappeared he’s a broken fake nails without them scattered around the parking lot probably when she was struggling from an attacker surveillance shows a man forcing her into a Chevy pickup truck before it’s put away the suspect was supposed to be Derrick Todd Lee serial killer who is currently on death row number to Jesse Ross in 2006 College sophomore Jesse Rose was visiting Chicago on a trip with his classmates to participate in a program called American Model United Nations the event ended he left saying he was going for 30 minutes break he never returned the lost footage of Jessie elevator moments before leaving the hotel some speculated that he may have fallen into Chicago Ripper however his body was never found and the case remains a mystery number 1 1994 short in the back of the head at point-blank range despite 20 other people being in the area no one stole the gun man before he fled his murder resemble the professional hit despite the security camera Mets murder took place in the Ford Explorer after the shooting the Ford Explorer no one knows the exact truth
The 10 creepiest surveillance footages. From the unexplained Jacksonville clowns to mysteries and disappearances, we count down the scariest videos of CCTV/surveillance/security tapes.

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