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10 Funny Employees Who Got Bored At Work

hey guys what’s up is Charlie here instead we going to be looking at 10 funny employees who got bored at work so I’m sure from time to time we will be at work sometimes when I was in the soon you’ll super bored but if you’re funny and creative enough you can make work fun before we subscribe and press the notification Bell to coming in you may have seen those people who draw people in Northway well this guy did something very similar with all the money in his office he took all of his buddies it’s the police in certain ways had made them into animals this is pretty much an office Safari as you can see there’s another lines up perfectly with a monkey very happy looking platypus I have to say this is one kind of like Jimmy Kimmel these guys are having a ton of fun at the office even if not that much work. Done that day at least these guys are having a good time next up is yabba dabba doo cartoon The Flintstones family I was a cop in fact Fred Flintstone’s car is one of the most famous things about the cartoon safe from the Storm sitting to the wooden steering wheel take a little while longer this Rock’s literally so if this image is pretty amazing anime you can throw you off a bit if you take a look at this that’s right guys this dog is made from human hair when you think of it like that but even so at least he has fun I’m just curious to see what looks she gets from the other customers. She does this all I have to say if I would so do you guys work counting involve using Excel in fact in a poll XL was voted the most boring computer program in the world seeing is Goat Simulator exist that’s really saying something but anyway I miss you don’t get to express yourself much does Excel spreadsheet into his canvas image of Mike Tyson in Excel like that I have to say I’m glad I know this guy’s boss I’m not sure how much free time this guy gets it but I guess it’s a lot I think this guy should be the Sistine Chapel next up is Warwick Castle so where do you work you might have a very luxurious corner office in the city or you might have a small cubicle books not wherever you work it’s likely not decided to make a change to that cubicle into a castle for the main castle gate and cause of wolves not to mention the cardboard cutout of a woman acting as look at I have to say if I work next to this guy I wouldn’t know what to think this looks like something but I guess this this is kind of similar to the office Safari that we stole the full except this one is arguably even more creative what happens when does a woman eating an apple with the exact same painted nails Photoshop Instagram page full of these next time I go to front I have to visit just to get my photo taken coming up next is mechanic so when it comes to me Alex pretty hard and social media used collection of metal add made this bigger lifting weights isn’t the right tools coming up next not ready but check out this photo professional by the look on his face he looks pretty convincing so maybe I should pay me a visit this is a very cute and funny so this is somebody who got very boots work because it’s creative this is the embodiment of somebody with way too much free time I’d like to see but can you imagine how creepy would be walking to work in the morning turning on the lights on seeing Thousand Faces staring right at you I hope nobody ever has this white Ford Museum call me super annoying people who work night shift cable management well one day I had lots of cables in the storage room instead of programming Walmart East Red Lobster when you put the face on the dreadlocks they really do look alike no wasting time but guys what do you think looks best of Bob Marley all the Predator next sorry sometimes is Tyra story Suites really contemplating home screen in a month from that channel on screen right now so you guys can get a taste but as always thanks for watching check out some more
Top 10 Funny Employees Who Got Bored At Work
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Funny Employees Who Got Bored At Work! Here is what happens when bored employees are funny and creative and obviously have way too much time on their hands on the job. Do you get bored at work or find the office life boring? So do these hilarious and funny people in these pictures, but as you can see by the viral photos on this list these people are so creative unusual and funny that they made work fun by doing genius things!

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