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10 Marvel Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

10 series about the Marvel universe that will blow your mind 10 Loki lost on purpose Adventures was the ultimate feel-good movie in Eragon. In a bunch of aliens come from the sky and Earth brightest and strongest Heroes punch them right back up again but what is that called never wanted in the first place at the end of the first Thor movie Loke falls into a black hole and his left stranded on the other side of the universe the theory goes that low-key only agreed to leave the chitauri on an invasion of us so he could be defeated and extradited to us off the rule Loki makes his this interesting rolling up clear to Thor this Theory helps explain a lot of the dumb mistakes low key made in The Avengers like drawing attention to his plan to invade the Earth in advance or attacking a city strategic military locations on top of which it would also perfectly fit Loki’s profile as a trickster and a schema he is supposed to be the god of Mischief off the roll so would have planned like this really be Beyond him group The God we all love the Guardians of the Galaxy from Gomorrah to Drax to White who’s this guy again but did you know that maybe most everyone’s favorite unkillable talking tree Venice City catch phrase in a relatively new Theory Marvel fans are claiming the group May in fact be a God we all know that in the MCU the Earth is one of nine Realms link something called Yak Brazil all the world trade as in Norse mythology the world tree limbs together the universe is different Realms while this is likely a metaphor for a cosmic energy uniting the different land so I’m out here that used to be a literal tree is a sapling of it this would explain what group was able to survive near complete destruction as well as providing a reason but no one seems to know groups Origins if really is an immortal and just hanging out with Jack aliens and trash pandas number eight where is the Soul Stone even the most casual Marvel fans would like to have heard of Infinity Stones basically there collection of 6 Shawnee gems each with their own unique Universe pending profitability when we say powerful we mean it the Power Stone has the ability to wipe out the entire planet in one place and the reality Stone can whoop the universe and even free Big Bang State there’s little doubt that Avengers Infinity war will bring all six times together in 2018 before finals can start building his Intergalactic powerglove we still need to see the soul stone wall or the other infinities in the movie the location of the Soul Stone which supposedly has the ability to collect and steal people’s Souls it’s still a mystery so I’ll do it tucked away and so I thought, which resource helped blow into pieces in the rock and roll trailer being in possession of an infinity stone would certainly make teaming up with a Hogan defeating her all the more important others claim that Heimdall has the stone in his eyes allowing him to see the entire universe that would fit Thor’s vision of a future with Donald had the Infinity Stones in which Heimdall has been blinded number 7 reality star Andre cost speaking of Infinity Stones this Theory suggests with Marvel and Disney plan to use the weapon for the one thing more important than Universe white Conquest saving money as mentioned early out the reality stone is pretty powerful specifically it gives the wheel to the power to walk reality to that wins even so far is changing you ended up joining the Iron Man armor or checking cap Shield several online mobile may use this power to recall several of them more prominent superheroes off the roll the studios notoriously unwilling to part with his hard-earned cash part of the reason the Avengers was only nominated for won Oscar best visual effects use the funds in a wolf season campaign for the film so it wouldn’t exactly be the old marble to kick out a few of its more high-profile Stars by using the reality Stone to recast that Parts this would allow marble to keep that most iconic and popular characters will not having to Shell out the big box on actor salaries or rebooting every single character and infinity Wars would be the perfect time to do it Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans and Samuel Jackson to finish that contract and we’ll be looking to renegotiate number 6 Peggy Carter stock we all know I am and have some serious money issues we see that he misses his mom enough to create a 611 million-dollar simulation of her and he’s not exactly thrilled when he learns what he did in 19 one but it turns out that attach to my naughty his real mom it’s. Cause a well-known womanizer and that he and Peggy clearly have some sexual tension in the first Captain America film on top of this is the fact that like he’s bad mother thought he’s had my color do not Peggy’s of course this would ruin a larger part of Civil Wars twist but on the other hand the Revelation that but he didn’t kill his real mother might help again to heal the rift between automatic app that will have to be if a pet want to team up the infinity War number 5 the winter Punisher Marvel TV shows have a much much greater than the movies and perhaps the darkest of the TV characters is Frank Castle AKA The Punisher when he isn’t getting one loves about his family being gunned down he’s murdering his way through entire hold the prisoners finding ways to turn a coffee pot into a deadly weapon and shotgunning gangstas in the face so you might be surprised to hear that many theorist Believe The Punisher Hayden M see you twice in Captain America 2 the good one there’s a scene in which Nick Fury get chased down by hydra agents in police cars just as he’s about to be Court of Lori comes out of nowhere and takes out to court cause later in the same film the same Lori seen again with a different trailer and again it helps take out a bad guy some theorists of taking this to mean that the driver of the van is the Punisher a man with a comic book friendship with Fury and no qualms about killing what was evidence may seem a little thin the movie something to it when asked about the serendipitous Lori he replied the man who drives that truck is highly trained he thinks on its own terms is going to plan on a very specific skill set number for Civil War lights in the middle of civil war is arguably the greatest superhero ever put on the big-screen throwing that many characters into one saying always run the risk of coming across like a ten-year-old smashing his toys together but the Russo Brothers don’t want to give each hero that but one thing that always seems strange about the film experience General spot a new Theory let on and off the hook for this one the argument goes that’s hurting you that having an innocent teen in the danger zone would help bring in the warring Heroes most of whom are still essentially good people and stop them from taking the violence too far sing about this Theory it totally works 12 superpower would people do only one got seriously hurt that’s a win for Tony’s baffled dumping strategy number 3 Fury this year Shield has been attacked by a hydra agents hidden bases have been smashed and yet its head mix Samuel furrion backup plan to save the day this phenomenal planning his let some online Fury can see the future of the royal Howard fearon oats have spare Helicarrier hanging around and secret bunkers at the ready if he couldn’t see into the future bass Terry isn’t the silly as it may sound but we learn from Agents of SHIELD season 1 finale how to do exist in the Marvel Universe often given to Future same characters in myth and fiction and that’s not even the strangest Nick Fury Theory Outlet so I’m claiming that he quotes on his gravestone Soulja proves that he’s actually Jules from Pulp Fiction number to Red Skull alive so it seems a little strange that the MCU was willing to so easily but those of you. Remember Captain America the First Avenger his a reminder the climax of the movie comes when Red Skull picks up a tesseract for the first time the blue space Cuba piston melt Red Skull hitting him with cosmic energy and presumably killing him yeah that’s not what the test right those to anyone else in what other films only is a teleporter capable of sending people to any point across the universe the Spectre people questioning just what happened to Red Skull many believe that rather than going he was mainly shorts the universe ready to return and I like to film some have even playing the exposure to Cermak cosmic energy and the decades and space have turned his skin Scott and purple you can see where we going with this finals being read scope maybe two strangers I’m about to pull off but the villain returning in one form or another now that certainly possible number one Stan Lee is a watcher Stanley must be getting tired even though he’s old enough for retirement as a security guard librarian my T-Mobile really don’t pay their employees enough I’m more than in jugs in James Gunn second space adventure Stanley can clearly be seen hanging out with the watches as the comic book nerd among you will know the watches are species of alien that well watching stuff that role is to observe or the most good moments in integral Arctic history but never to intervene being a watch or at least the Watcher informant would explain how Stanley is keeping tabs on Marvel’s greatest heroes do you think is true did we leave any mobile theories off the list let us know in the comments below and if you like this video you love ten things you didn’t know about Superman playing on screen right now
From Groot being God to the whereabouts of the soul stone. Here are 10 Theories about the Marvel universe that will blow your mind!

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