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10 Normal Looking Homes That Hide SECRETS

hey guys what’s up its Charlie are secrets you like every single day so this one is about a couple who lived in the small house lol people who live in small houses that have the money like to do extensions on those houses build extensions on kahoks England England a converted garage just totally legal but they never thought they cause in that garage noise parked outside the council investigated and when they investigated they didn’t take them long to find out and simply came down once you take the garage door down it was very smart think about the years they were able to keep this tiny mini house under wraps I think there’s very few people in the next stop is haunted well where is Discovery made in the UK this one takes place in Plymouth England living room the house but perhaps you should look into it because when I looked into his he found something amazing he was replacing his fluency 17 foot deep medieval well inside was an old rusted sword back from the 16th century wonderwood colon did with his whole did he fill it in with concrete or make it into a booby trap house next stop is Polish treasure so some of the discoveries made a great God Angela lucky the coin slide whistle instead of the townspeople getting to keep the church that the government took it off. news found in Poland woman in a lot of houses cuz I’m found a woman living inside out of his house the police came and arrested the 58 year old homeless woman he was living in the guy’s house the craziest part about it is that she was living in his house for an entire year Filipino food going missing from his heart meals and even played puzzle it seems like this time of my life and went unnoticed the entire time this took place in Fukushima the closet and the crazy thing is I think I’m going into the closet to get out clothing without seeing the woman that many times look at this house located in Iowa USA it looks pretty nice right it seems like a very normal but if you spend the night this is the house of all of the grisliest murder cases in America on June 10th 1912 and they were sound asleep Facebook never so today the house is owned by somebody but instead something paranormal people say they feel a sense of heaviness have explanations it’s still very creepy what happened in this house what do you want to spend the night in the house with an axe catastrophe happened personally I would especially not if I had to pay $500 Aja 1943 and the Builder live the happy with his family until 2002 Indian tradition or just something they did but instead of being buried in a cemetery they were very underneath the house by many other people investigators went into the house and they found a holy statue of Mary however it seems these there is some damage to head and hands and also your name is also reports hearing piano music coming from inside the house inside and what’s even more mysterious Know piano next up is hidden Chapel do you have something in your house you have always wondered about the full weight ever since they moved in decades ago after a few drinks office space into 5 nothing but from what they found underground was a setup which resembles an ancient Chapel as you can see there I would have even an old cross only drunkenly fooling around but it looks like sometimes a few drinks don’t hurt as it makes you discover amazing thing I’m not sure what they going to use this ancient apple. Is real house of horrors so if you ever been to one of those haunted house attractions at Halloween time for fun as a kid but this is not somewhere you would go f*** this secluded Farmhouse located in Plainfield Wisconsin to Plainfield Wisconsin what you should know who Ed Gein it this nickname is the American history The Farmhouse they found human skin with used to cover the chairs and a lampshade he literally had human skulls mounted on them and he even used skull caps at Sioux Falls made of human lips yeah this guy wasn’t exactly suckle but one thing’s for sure you would look 2016 on eBay for $250,000 $50,000 to be terrified next stop is Mountain House so we’ve seen many houses hiding Secrets not this house literally is a secret just mount it from the right angle you can actually realize it’s a secret house now you may think the house that blends into a mountain would be that serious but if you check it out is Mel B on one level but at least you got a great for you guys but live in this house I’m not sure how much it would cost exactly big but of course location location what’s described as a small but practical kitchen good houses anytime in reality is really nice I don’t believe it or not it’s actually a garage living room and dining room a bedroom and other bedroom above another bedroom Inn & Suites and a BBQ area and what school so if you guys want to live in a scary but luxurious place then check out this Barnacle house just make sure you have a lot of cash this place isn’t cheap check out the bullet more amazing videos then check out my second Channel
Top 10 Normal Looking Homes That Hide SECRETS
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Normal Looking Homes That Hide SECRETS! From secret rooms and underground hidden secrets like treasure, these are ordinary houses that are hiding things and even people you don’t or didn’t know about!

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