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10 Rumors That Caused Mass Panic

10 rumors that caused mass panic number ten Chinese banana sauce in China in 2007 the text message Reema began calculating claiming that bananas gave you saws at the time the world was already paranoid about the disease which I’d be advertised as in you age Bubonic plague the banana of Industry crumbled under the rumor and sales bananas dropped by 90% this lost the industry 2.6 million dollars a day on producers of the fruit went bankrupt the effectiveness of the remote control propaganda in China text messaging is relied upon this is a form of news communication but unfortunately this means that when the rumors started it is very hard to stop it which can result in mass panic and a vitamin B deficiency number 91935 Harlem riots in 1935 a rumor hit the streets of Harlem Nights at Puerto Rican boy had been beaten to death by white policeman in fact the boy had been caught stealing a cheap penknife he was that interested peacefully and released however the room of the Boyhood be killed spread out of control eating too violent demonstrations and Hollands first ever race riot three people were killed hundreds of a wounded onto million dollars worth of property damage was caused adjusting for inflation that would add up to 35 million dollars volume apocalypse over 1,000 years ago the Mayan civilization created a complex calendar the calendar was calculated up to December the 21st 2012 many people posed to interpret the end of the Mayan calendar as a definite sign of the Apocalypse boots for 2 days over fears of panic induced violence while in China religious group spread panic to anyone who would listen resulting in government crackdowns on 400 arrest number 7 which player in 2008 so we will spread through a football stadium in the Democratic Republic of Congo that one of the tires is using which route to 8 his skills the room I didn’t take long to circulate around the fans violence they were angered at the magical cheating that was apparently occurring in front of them the police began shooting their guns into the yard right now an attempt to subdue the crowd this led to a stampede as people tried to flee the stadium in the aftermath of the chaos it was discovered that 13 people including children have been killed number 6 Sri Lankan Greece devil in 2011 rumors of a semi mythological creature called agree devil swept the Sri Lankan Countryside traditionally the Greece devil was a thief covered in grease making him hard to catch but the modern Greece devil was apparently a nocturnal violent stalker to attract women although the room has had absolutely no basis vigilante Lynch Mob started Patrol in the countryside leading to hundreds of arrest on the government’s to point tanks that were 30 incidents of violence and five known as a consequence including a police officer number 5 sex bracelets in 2003 gel bracelets became the subject of an urban legend which had parents and schools Across America panicking bracelets that were a fashion fad among teenagers were reported to be coded messages displaying what sexual acts the teenager in question would perform the color of the bracelets would denote with sexual acts the girl would be willing to perform on whichever boy mine to pull the bracelets off lead news outlets in the US UK and Brazil bought them is completely reporting on it as if it were a real threats soon after a number of schools had found the wearing of the bracelets number for Steve Jobs make the CNN I report website allows members of the public to post stories and comments underneath the website’s Heather which states that old story submitted or not fact-checked or edited 2008 teenager posted on the sonics. Does then CEO of Apple Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack and wasn’t Hospital even if it’s affected Apple’s ability to operate yet within 10 minutes of the rumor being did Apple stock fell 10% this 10% represents 4.8 billion dollars a huge loss for the company it was mostly recouped that day although trading clothes 3% lower than for Apple stocks number 3 D&D suicides when role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons was released in the eighties and number of players suicides created concerns surrounding the game rather than understanding that socially insulated depressed people would be drawn into role-playing games like D&D parents are religious organizations blames the game directly for the suicides creating Panic among player families translations was quick to jump on the river flaming the magic and demonology and D&D I’m just driving it has an occult tool that open people up to possession while they eventually settled down the game is routinely banned from maximum security prisons for encouraging inmates to become a more detached from reality number to Satanic ritual abuse in 1980s USA rumors spread that’s the number of schools were engaging in satanic sex abuse rituals with the pupils the rumor started with the longest most expensive US history accused of conducting Satanic rituals and summoning Spirits using the children as bait and energy at the time it is here that I must conspiracy was being uncovered and the moral panics went worldwide as parents feared for their children safety however as no evidence in marriage after years of accusations the panic. Down on the Satanic ritual abuse was forgotten number one the Y2K you’ll millennium bug was supposed computer floor that was meant to cause Mass problems in computers couldn’t deal with any dates be on December 1st 1999 about the potential effects the Y2K bug with have on financial systems are traffic controls Hospital machines and everything else that was run through a computer the room I became a concern around the globe company spent a collective 360 billion dollars on Safeguard and against the non-existent bug when the calendar turned to the year 2000 many people dismissed the bug as a hoax due to the absence of problems do you and your friends Austin sent back to you that was sometimes I was important and subscribers
Scaremongering was taken to a whole new level, when these small rumors ballooned to riotous levels.

From a witch hunt at a football match that left members of the crowd dead, to the millions of dollars spent protecting computers from the fake Y2K Bug, these are the 10 rumors that caused mass panic.

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