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10 Worst Babysitters

hello and welcome to old-time 10 swear today we’ll be counting down the 10 worst babysitters ever the stubbornness sadism and downright stupidity and you’ll never want to leave your kids alone with anyone by the time with them 10 peanut butter now what should you do when you really want some PB&J the Anza is to destroy anything that stands in your way one babysitter with a lid stuck running it under hot water but this babysitter wanted the peanut butter right there and then so she took the job I’m smashed against the counter calibrated peanut butter on some sandwiches to feed the children in her cat Offspring with cuts all over their mouth I think the moral of the story revenge of The Baby-Sitters so what if you get fired on your babysitter know you don’t sit on the baby I mean you could you definitely definitely shouldn’t this babysitter went one further I decided to kidnap her former employees two-year-old child Massachusetts broke into the house to take the child who was found six I was late on the roadside the infant who is 21 years old at the time Portage family now she’s facing up to seven and a half years in jail 8 putting the sitting in Babysitting Diane Stratton was hired as a live-in nanny by family in Upland California she was meant to be the children aged 11:40 and 60 months and the week after that she’s a bit left to eventually was doing nothing until she just sat in her room with the door shut to the kids the rights and under California law she was legally committed to remain in her room if the parents wanted to a Victor they would have to pay a $1,000 fine the family was restricted in what they could do they train crossing the television they put it in the fridge so she couldn’t eat that food they looked into Lucci a formal legal eviction but was told it could take months to complete the Press with the story the public scrutiny prompted by and to promise to move out at the end of the week yo ho ho and a bottle of rum for a couple of hours I passed out on the floor next to the child but you can expect when her father The Perfect Crime was playing with a teenage babysitter when stopped suddenly they were who did Guy storming the house I’m losing it they took out her Xbox One I told them that two black men broke in and stole everything might be this one black they will want police investigate this and it send out the baby sister had planned the whole thing with her boyfriend but I okay a man who looks like this tattoo on your old baby at some point during the night lie witness needle and set to what is monsterpiece was Alexis horrible and abusive and everything book Alexa Ray was it like a for us a famous did he get halfway through the anarchy symbol and give up or is that just how far we made it through the alphabet the police said there was no evidence that the mom gave permission for the tattooing difference would make Leaves ground Marvel people off of the weak excuse that the lines were has it nevermind the fact that they will probably ask Under the Skin I don’t think I’d offer that as a defense in cool especially with the possible five years in prison but Lee is facing you lose you snooze I love these babysitter’s have been young people who don’t have as much experience in childcare you have to be pretty stupid to get the age of 41 Target boost win 9 month old baby tell me the rules that stupid-looking off the full siblings in Carrollton Georgia she decided to use alcohol sedative effects to send the youngest goes to sleep she bought some wine into a sippy cup it was a little too well when the parents are brought that was later the child was unresponsive they rushed into the hospital when he was treated for blood alcohol level 3-3 that’s four times and adults legal driving limit the baby recovered on the baby say symptoms to eight years in prison with four years probation on top of that three baby on board if you’re in a rush to get somewhere with the kids your babysitting not have time to on the back of the pickup truck if the vehicle the child would have been sent flying ko2 defended herself and cool claiming that she had a thumb grip on the stroller she stated that she didn’t realize this could be abused and said they gave you a Honda con what’s neglect two now these last couple to take a bit of a dump 10 so brace yourself in Arizona twenty-seven-year-old Nicole Candelaria was babysitting her boyfriend’s three children the toddler takes 3 was being bathed when she defecates in the bathtub kind of Larry was apparently and raped I’m going to eat her own feces with consistent with this the three children younger than their mother Larry was arrested however she accused of being a habitual liar and said the bruising really came from playing after being arrested the Court held that a neighbor regularly her Candelaria screaming and hitting her boyfriend one gunman shoes teenager with her is that it’s justify leaving the handgun on the coffee table before smoking some marijuana I’m doing for a nap when Melissa at work she couldn’t find the boy she carry the baby around the house looking for the other child until she stumbled across his dead body the five I found a gun and shot himself in the head she was arrested on a felony charge of abandoning or endangering a child that said since it just four years of Probation and a $1,000 fine as well as bizarrely having to write a letter to the child on the anniversary of his death every apparently she didn’t think this was fast and violated her probation will though she was eventually cool. Well I will see you next time Shopkin reasons teachers with bye-bye boo-boo on you someone will probably upset you but if I don’t screen now is a link in the description and we’ll see you next time
Babysitters have a hard job. Mischievous kids, crying babies and spoilt brats are all in an evening’s work. But these babysitters haven’t responded well.

From feeding children glass and poop, to kidnap, burglary and just getting wasted, I don’t think you want these folk anywhere near your little cherubs.

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