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19 Weirdest Smuggling Methods

19 weirdest smuggling methods number 19 mr. Potato Head to get their product across the border see that this mr. Potato Head here is ready to Rave all night Australian official season mr. Potato Head jam-packed with ecstasy in 2007 cast Ash contain 293 total grams of the substance safe to say this mother will be losing more than his story Woody the time out La Fiesta really hoping to bring this Giada looking statue to the party this one here most likely shouldn’t be brought to any kids birthday gathering anytime soon us Immigration and Customs seized 200 of these and found a total of 18 lb of me I said where the total of 1.5 million dollars that’s enough to make anyone’s birthday extra special number 17 the holiest water no one was fooled when a 50 year old man was trying to pass off 42 bottles of liquid ketamine as holy water when traveling to the us from Canada what reason would people really need to transport that much holy water was he plan on performing an exorcism on the plane or something if you drink too much of this holy water you may see the light at the end of the tunnel number 16 statue of Jesus do people think things won’t be searched just religious placing drugs nothing new but this thing was actually made of cocaine drug traffickers were poorly mix as much as 6 pounds of cocaine into a paste and made a very authentic-looking Jesus statue this seems just a little sacrilegious for The Smuggler caught in Texas dogs were able to sniff it out and he will be selling this work of art anytime soon number 15 the fish do drugs. The only thing people are trying to bring across the border exotic animals sold as pets could bring a lot of profit but first they I need to be smuggled some animals who are successfully Smuggler become invasive species so customers are always on high guard for that this sit here was used by women trying to get on a flight from Singapore to Melbourne Australia win over 51 live tropical fish and a custom design apron the custom officials noticed a strange flipping noise coming from her pants they decide to investigate further and there you have it the fish suit number 14 the gecko book reading is a great way to pass the time while you’re waiting for your next flight however you may not want to read this book that was accepted by Australia officials that was on his way to Czech Republic to mature and two baby geckos were found in the hall. Book and was quickly confiscated we all love puppies because they’re so cute and cuddly but drug smugglers like them to blue and help them out with their operations the dogs weren’t exactly what they’re trying to smuggle in the country and 2006 the DEA arrested members of a Colombian organization when they’re found trying to smuggle heroin instead of drug Deals they use drug puppies the dogs were actually surgeon inserted and the cops found scars on their abdomen and ultrasound revealed these bags of liquid heroin worth millions of dollars and we’re headed inside live puppies a veterinarian see if they operate on the dogs and they were sent to the pound for drug possession is herbal medicine for some unconventional ingredients board officials were a little surprised when they found swim bladders of the coveted totoaba McDonald fish these large fish are considered to be heavily post for their meats and organs especially the bladders which are worth a pretty penny 200 letters 1 sold for 3.5 million dollars in 2013 it supposedly cures infertility butte’s was skin and circulatory problems as well number 11 croissant smuggle this appears to be the preferred smugly method by the French croissants were used conceal some dirty money German Customs came across these pastries that were altered in a money laundering operation in March 2012 you probably wouldn’t mind a bigger gave you a few pastries stash full of money number 10 the Kush card this homemade vehicle was discovered by border patrol in South turn Arizona attempt to smuggle a large amount of marijuana into the United States because card was sprayed Chan in order camouflage with the surrounding desert this seems like a recreational way to get the product to its next destination but he fled in a band of the single-seater makeshift vehicle leaving behind 217 pounds of cannabis cargo what will they think of next number 9 drug doors this importadora from Mexico wasn’t only made of wood in case you were wondering Australian customs in Sydney Australia decide to inspect this mysterious Mexico at a closer and sure enough there was 5 kilos of cocaine inside the door Australia police found out where this was going and charge the 32 year-old Mexican national with attempted possession of prohibited in port number 8 kilo bust a man from Australia these some cringe-worthy Contraband estimated 1300 tiger beetles place in luggage that was seized by officials in Australia they apparently tried to conceal them an empty yogurt containers but as you can tell this might have looked a little suspicious the two behind the operation were detained at Perth International Airport good thing Customs did their job or the u.s. might have some creepy crawlers from Australia like this number seven frog in your pocket to men from Belgium forgot to mention at the airport that there are flying with about 5 exotic amphibians for Panama these tiny frogs just really bigger than your thumbnail are worth quite a few Euros it properly smuggled they were packed in multiple film containers like you seen this photo each one of these guys are worth about a hundred fifty Euros each number 6 snake seizure I’m working at airport security lost 13 through some luggage you find 95 boa constrictors slithering around there a businessman from Malaysia was trying to smuggle these snakes out of the country and he was caught this bring some reality to Snakes on a Plane the mandatory is for this isn’t dancing one and he’s gotten the pretty cool nickname of the Lizard King he’s almost like the Pablo Escobar reptile smuggling number 5 moving weight Earl Simpson from Jamaica swallowed a crazy total of 148 pallets of cocaine weigh nearly 3 lb it was obviously not too worried about putting on a little extra weight because if he succeeded you be able to sell it for a street value of 38 Grand in Florida drug mules like Earl usually swallow coke or heroin filled balloons which can be eventually pass naturally that is if all goes according to play as if you were to rupture this could have been lethal when he began acting nervous Customs had an x-rayed and just like that he’s facing some serious charges number for secret steroids but a hundred fifty bottles of liquid steroids for head inside a sexual lubricant Packaging call the game Lube oil and was seized by Australian Customs the Australians might have been wondering why this flu contain testosterone and deca durabolin these were mostly found coming from the mail but these bottles were also found by people carrying them into Luggage in 2008 number cannabis carrots and Texas Mexican drug smugglers were trying to carry a freight full of marijuana disguises carrots they were shaved into long skinny carrot looking packages in order for it to look like fresh produce drug smuggling organizations continue to show their creativity and try to outsmart the police this attempt failed and please see the total of 2493 pounds of cargo make net worth about $490,000 in this photo you can tell if I’m far away that they actually do look like carrots but now in the back of a police truck they will not be turn on your plate number to Saturday beer smuggle that beer in Saudi Arabia is actually illegal but that doesn’t mean people don’t mind a good Brew occasionally so how would you imagine they smuggle it punishment for alcohol consumption and smuggling in this country is severe Saudi of Thor Spider-Man with 48,000 cans of beer as you seen this photo the Heineken cans were trying to be passed off as Pepsi cans the number one subscribed and you videos everyday and number one meth beer while some people try to hide the fact that there are smug beer other’s disguise their drugs as beer the cartel disguise tour bus is completely packed with money drugs and liquid meth they were eventually seized and Georgia State Police seized 36 million dollars worth of cash and drugs hidden within compartments but not want to take a sip of this Corona bottle that contains a Liquid Cargo
People are pretty crazy and will try countless ways to smuggle in drugs, money, and other illegal things in insanely strange ways.

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