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5 Bears You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

a very unique beauty lies in Rarity and promotions animals exist we never met what about these panels for We Begin make sure this is Grandpa to get notified every day for more amazing content with that being said let’s go again number five in the world we can leave the Stratosphere in the world this piece is it considered one of the most resistant beans in the face of the Earth the indoor temperature from almost absolute zero to 150 degrees Celsius this is the water bear which of an elongated and oval shape your body is divided into 5 segments one of them corresponds to the head by sucking liquid other animals or plants the following four sections of the body of the targets are constituted by the legs which at the rent has small cloth with suckers that limitations of the surfaces and compensate for the like this stay between the mosses and lichens to the place for water bears live in the ecosystem in planet Earth and even in space this amazing ability cryptobiosis listen to demonstrate to the extreme conditions to be subjected right without a doubt you never imagined this bear could exist in real life Shirley science is about to find which of the compound or organism that allows them to do that human race case there’s an apocalypse live in outer space number for the co-pilot bear when we think of a co-pilot we measure the person or naglieri Pilot the driver of a car or motorcycle on the road this one is functions related to driving and in a certain way they must have some basic rules I need more when the destination is new this assistant must become a kind of GPS Andy I just saw the highway this way from getting lost you must also be an extraordinary DJ but sure he’ll be wondering what’s the Bulls would be something like won the captain of the ship and the other captain of the tours Melody situation I recorded every day especially when we’re out with our friends in Russia picture of the animal is a ride to men the driver and the Harry Truman are on the road to Cuba part of this moment is when the bear raisins pause as if it were grieving people even though doesn’t read maps doesn’t the GPS and isn’t a DJ what do we mean well in case of an attempted robbery it will surely protect them also that no one don’t you think number 3 the status bear in the world the saddest beer in the world that’s right it’s name is pizza and many animal protection is baptized it like this after photos and videos about it or spread around the world without a doubt but you won’t believe exist it’s lost look had a lot to say in a blue space lying or sitting well millions of people are going to visit it and stop Living Aquarium Grand View Mall in Guangzhou China the Asian animal foundation has made a petition with more than 450,000 people have signed to close this aquarium without a doubt that when they created this space on a polar bear pizza and other Arctic companions the organization of Florida this week’s that they created are very small the conditions which of these animals are found art appropriate for them as they should be there least administer relocated to a temporary place until Zone there in the world we know education is one of the most important basis of society these kind of things is school in this place teachers and educators are responsible for the culture compliment this process but what does this have to do with bears its name is Steven how many it can be considered as a completely aggressive eating another member of the House only 3 months old it’s now 5 years old around 12 everyday it plays with a that’s why they don’t worry about it. Any space at the house and hugging them Stephenson’s we absolutely sure you’re full of people and always wants to hug them it’s about two parents have never complained about it has never been them or been aggressive carrot hugs then love it high fives and even went to self to be called while being said because his dad and his mom it’s very kind of the ghast exist even as animals have the ability to imitate because they need it for their survival environment to be a little easier with an environment generally just leave the scene of the birds between different species of birds that’s what animals imitate movies which will show you next visit if you can find a wildlife rescue center Foundation responsible is it was a prisoner of a bear bile Farm very cruel treatment in order to manufacture animal abuse now this allows Wildlife Rescue Foundation and Facilities Weather Channel the brilliant for even more interesting list of videos that will blow your mind but I’m warning you the videos over on the Bruins are extremely addicting to watch as well be a Lincoln description to the channel so make sure to come and visit us latest video popping up on screen right now if not description anyway see you soon
5 Bears You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

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