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5 Scariest Creatures Caught At The Bottom of the Mariana Trench!

only 5% of the Seas and oceans have been explored it’s hard to say what types of creatures could be living on or around the ocean and sea floors of the planet bring the oceans is a dangerous and most seemingly impossible job there are many dangerous places in the ocean in the ocean itself is unpredictable however there are places informations even more mysterious the Mariana Trench one such place it’s known as the deepest part of the world’s vast oceans which means there are likely very strange creatures living here in the Deep join us as we take a look and find scariest creatures caught at the bottom of the Marriott trench before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified everyday for more amazing content with that being said let’s begin number 5 alien like jellyfish there are all kinds of different jellyfish the Seas and oceans all over the world however deep in the Marianas Trench there’s a jelly fish that looks just like an alien spacecraft with Marianas Trench being so deep creatures that live down in these Waters have to rely on things bioluminescence in order to catch prey or see where they’re going in the deep as it’s impossible for sunlight to reach the ocean floor here operated vehicle or ROV made a dive to the deepest part of the world Oceans East of the Mariana Islands near Guam into the Mariana Trench and what exploring a place called the Enigma seamount which is actually named because of the lack of information that scientists have on the place that is when scientists came up this alien looking thing videos of the jellyfish captured a stunning site this strange alien organism sported two different sets of tentacles one long and 1 short that extended from it’s pulsating Bell Michael’s extended Alber the jellyfish’s Bell remain still this was likely because the jellyfish was found to be an ambush Predator even more interesting was that the inside of the Bell resemble the Flying Saucer that housed red canals that seem to connect to Bright orbs after looking at the jellyfish scientists identified the creature is belonging to the genus cresada these strange looking jellyfish were found at a depth of 12100 feet or about 3700 M deep April 24th 2016 during a Deepwater exploration of the Marianas Trench which was a tree Crews Expedition it was during this dive that scientists found this creature and many other fascinating features of the underwater Mountain that has been named Enigma seamount when looking at this creature on video it seems almost unreal but the crystal clear video of the creature is in fact very real and untouched the interesting thing is that some estimates day we haven’t even discovered in 99 Queen 99% of the Earth’s 1 trillion species with that said the odds of us seeing something like this alien creature are very high and perhaps the majority of the unexplored creatures we have yet to find live in the vast deep of the word oceans number for dragon fish there’s a creature that lives deep in the Marianas Trench sometimes known as barbel to Dragonfish or deep sea Dragonfish that can open their mouths at least 120 degrees this allows the dragon fish to open its mouth extremely wide and needs much larger prey relative to the size of their own bodies in the Marianas Trench in the dark deep ocean food is very scarce these barbel dragon Ambush Predators who Lion Wait for their prey much like most spiders that spin a web and wait for their prey to become ensnared this is advantageous for them because less energy is used in searching for food and because food or prey is scarce is also an advantage to be able to swallow a much larger size of prey that is why the head joint of the dragon fish facilitates swallowing larger items the barbel dragon fish are quite unique and researchers have studied a lot of different other fish and if net seen anything like that had joint of these deep ocean dragon fish researchers determined when the fish is in a resting position of flexible Rod running to the top of the fishes vertebral column has an additional sheets that Embraces the back of the head like a sock when the fish opens its mouth the bottom part of this Rod is exposed and the Sheep gets stretched out when looking at the fish you can clearly see that it has many sharp teeth but these teeth don’t actually break up food in the tiny bit like other predators in fact dragon fish swallows its prey whole and since the teeth are in lead for chewing they instead hold onto the prey and actually pass it to the Dragon Fishes stomach once the dragon fish swallows large prey such as another fish its stomach can expand which makes the predator look somewhat like a snake that’s just swallowed a much larger victim the dragon fish can be found a difference between 1640 and about 5,000 feet below the water surface because of this they pose no threat to humans the thing is that few other and rules on land or sea can open their mouth as wide as the dragon fish number three black sea devil anglerfish it’s kind of hard not to believe in aliens especially when you see this next deep sea creature Uno’s these actually might be aliens from another world who are hiding in the completely different world from our own and some of these creatures seem to be the stuff of nightmares one such creature is called the Black Sea Devil who was caught on film first time in 2014 the fishes very scary looking and has a wide gaping mouth some needle sharp teeth and it has a glowing thing on the top of its head something like a fishing pole with a little late on the in to attract other fish Intuit hungry mouth the Black Sea Devil is about three and a half inch long or about 9 cm and lives at death of around 1900 ft or 580m beat these rare creatures have never been seen up close however sign able to capture the creature in bring it up to the surface alive which was no easy feat there’s very little known about the Black Sea devils in fact scientists aren’t even sure how long these fish live however there are some things that are known about CD what are those things is that the males are actually parasites the female black sea devil fish can grow to about the size of a baseball the male of the species is much smaller which is common in the animal and insect Kingdom and are not able to exist on their own long time with that said the male black sea devil has to find a female as soon as possible before it dies when it does find a female it bites on to the female and their tissues fuse during this time the mail provides what he needs female sustains them the fish mate and the mail then dies when looking for this fish in the depths of the ocean some female black sea devil fish have been seen with as many as 11 males clinging to them that sounds about right and even though these fish mites incredibly ugly these animals are actually well adapted for their cold and dark environment number two frilled shark it’s been said that there are probably still prehistoric creatures that are living on the planet and if that is true then the shark is one good example of this in fact this shark has been called a living fossil that is probably been swimming around Earth’s deep water since the era of the dinosaurs frilled sharks are odd looking creatures that have a rounded body of an eel but have a flat head but the interesting thing about this deep water shark is that has rows of three pointed teeth that hold its prey it was deep sea fisherman spotted this snake like shark in a pile of fish that they had unintentionally caught the shark ended up dying but the fisherman were so sure price by what they have found that they ended up handing the Dead Sea Creature over to a research vessel so that scientists aboard the ship could study the bazaar I’m looking creature this gave scientists a rare opportunity and a close-up look at the shark 303 pointed teeth which it would obviously use to grab and kill its prey no other shark on the planet has teeth like the frilled shark incidentally the frilled shark is called the living fossils because it’s one of the last scene sharks be the depths in which it lives these creatures eat squid cuttlefish octopus and even other sharks however it’s believed that their diet consists of more than 60% of marine mollusks one creature was dissected in the contents of the stomach word slippery showing that its teeth were perfect for holding onto and devouring the Flesh of their prey a frilled sharks mouth is able to open larger than other sharks because its mouth continues to the rear of its head instead of ending beneath its skull at the end of it wrote there’s an area that has six frilled gills from which it gets its name from the body of the frilled shark is nearly indistinguishable from a common deal with the exception of its fins and although their bodies are similar to an eel they likely attack their prey in the same manner as a there’s no actual footage or anyone that’s actually witnessed one of these sharks hunting or eating so the way that they catch any Thayer prey is merely speculation number one zombie worms anything with the term zombie people’s attention and the zombie worm will probably be no exception otherwise known as bone worms the zombie worm lives on the seafloor and they feed on dead and decaying organisms actually these creatures are known to feed only on the bones or Scout signs of any sea creature that has died and who’s Bones have sunk to the bottom of the ocean they have a bizarre look and resemble hot pink feathers and can be found in very large groups the weird thing is that they do not have any mouth but instead to drill into the skeleton of dead creatures they then releasing acid that breaks down the bone so that they can absorb the fat from inside at this point the symbiotic bacteria living inside of the worms bodies digest the fat and protein released from inside of the bone also known as worms eating and broken down the skeletons of a dead whale or other fish they simply died without leaving a trace these osedax could be called ecosystem Engineers because they’re creatures that can create transform and even destroy their habitats the interesting thing about these zombie worms is that they actually modify their ecosystem by digesting this sunken bones this 1 2 3 inch or two to 7 centimeter long worms were first discovered on the deep sea floor living inside the bones of a Graywhale in 2002 and if all this stuff isn’t strange enough it was found that only the female zombie worms were the ones doing the drilling and that the males actually live inside the female in one study 111 males were found side of a single female zombie worm like a Japanese school dance hope you enjoyed the video top 5 or if you haven’t already check out our other channel Americano even more amazing list videos of Link in the description so check it out as well as our other cool stuff showing up on screen right now see you next time
5 Scariest Creatures Caught At The Bottom of the Mariana Trench!

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