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5 Sea Monsters Caught ATTACKING a Boat!

sea monsters are definitely things of Legend and there are all kinds of creatures that live in the oceans and the Seas there are stories about giant whales sharks Sly gold Messi and whales attacking boats like Moby Dick and all those some stories are pure fiction which can be quite fun there are some stories of sea monsters and other creatures attacking boats which just might be true join us as we take a look at five sea monsters caught attacking a boat before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content with that being said let’s begin number 5 squids attack the squid is an interesting creature that’s highly intelligent in fact they’re so intelligent that some scientists think they might actually be true aliens to the planet brought here from another place in the Galaxy that might be fun best but if you’ve ever seen how is squid captures its prey you might just change your mind about that the giant squid is the largest known species of squid and it’s actually the largest invertebrate on the planet giant squid have been discovered in the North part of the Atlantic Ocean to northern part of the Pacific Ocean the Bering Sea Hawaii California the Gulf of Mexico and also in the Southern Ocean is the largest squid ever found was a female that was almost 60 ft long and weighed one time giant Square almost like like top of these and have eight arms and yes it’s actually Japanese it looks like octopodes check it out however they also have two tentacles that they used to grab their prey these giant squid also have strong Jaws that look just like a parrot’s beak they’ve been known to eat other squid shrimp and fish and some scientists believe they can even attack and eat small whales there’s some pretty crazy stories out there about giant squid attacking and killing fisherman one will Moon publication says that a pack of giant squids capsized to fishing boat killing seven fisherman that story might be believable however squids don’t travel in packs however the story starts out by saying that creatures attack the boat as if it was returning to the shore from a fishing Expedition Witnesses do the story said that they saw four or five bodies washed up on the beach and that those bodies were totally black and blue all over the witnesses also say that they look like the men admitted bike giant suction cups a giant squids to tentacles have four rows of the suction cups they use these to grab onto their prey the interesting thing about these giant squid is that they’ve been found washed ashore or even caught in the Nets of fishing trawlers putting ever seen one Ally in 2003 some French Sailors were taking part in something called the Jules Verne trophy when they came across one of these giant squids the giant squid actually grabbed a hold of their boat and wouldn’t let go according to one of the Miller’s on the boat he saw tentacles through a porthole and said that it was thicker than his legs and it was really pulling hard on the boat the giant squid ended up letting go of the boat when the Sailor stop the claim is that this giant squid must have been 22 to 26 beep wall number for bull shark throws man out of his boat anyone that knows anything about sharks knows that they are one of the most dangerous animals in the world and what it comes to sharks bull sharks are better to be the most dangerous yes they can be considered an even more dangerous than a great white shark in fact there have been 69 recorded unprovoked attacks on humans however because it’s hard to identify this there could be even more the thing about this shark which is unlike other sharks is that it’s known to swim in freshwater and in 1916 for people were killed in shark attacks over a two-week. In a river called Matawan Creek and these checks were caused by bull sharks one guy named Ben Chancey had a close encounter with a 7 foot Bull Shark after he caught it with his fishing rod the scary thing is that he was fishing from a tiny kayak off the Florida coast and he probably had no idea that he was I catch a giant shark the whole incident was captured on video as Ben was trying to see what it was that he had caught in the first part of the video you can see that whatever it is that he’s caught is very big and very strong as it’s easily pulled him and his small kayaks through the water in the video you can hear his friends yelling at him to reel in whatever it is that he caught probably thinking it was a large fish the shark continues to pull the boat around and then at one point the shark comes up to the surface as he starts to read then suddenly the shark starts to fight against the line and pulls been over into the water capsizing his small kayak been is now in the water with the bull shark realizing that he’s in the water with the shark he starts went towards the bigger boat that his friends are on luckily no one was injured and the kayak was retrieved in which Ben got back into it and went back out into the water surprisingly the shark was still hooked to the line and then got back out on his kayak and attempted to reel it in apparently been didn’t have enough adrenaline in the system and wanted to land this shark it’s not known as been actually brought in the shark or not that however articles online say that he did eventually catch and land the shark number three great white shark Fisherman’s Boat you know you’re a really good fisherman when fish jumped right in here boat without you having to do a single thing and if you’re not familiar with the great white shark it is the world’s largest predatory fish some of these shorts can grow from 50 20 feet long and weigh more than 5,000 lb great white sharks have been around for a long time swimming in the earth’s oceans for at least 16 million years although some scientists think they may have been around longer than that not only are these sharks natures perfect killing machine but they’re also eating machines in just one year a great white shark can eat 11 tons of food on average and if you’re in the water with a great white and even if you’re not moving they can still sent a creatures heartbeat strange and attack however in this story the Australian fisherman wasn’t in the water with the great white instead the 9-foot shark decided to leak onto his boat was not him off of his feet a man named Terry Sellwood out for a day of fishing a badly bruised and bleeding right arm from the shark colliding with him as it jumped into his 15 foot power boat in fact the 73 year old Australian fisherman thought he had a broken arm and had bad lacerations from the shark once he realized what was happening jumped up at the bow of the boat to avoid the thrashing sharp and clung to the tubular metal frame of the sun shelter Terry said he didn’t give the shark a chance to look in the I simply wanted to get out of the Sharks way because it was thrashing around Terry then use the hand radio to call the Coast Guard and stayed on the bow of the boat until another rescue boat arrive the Coast Guard Skipper said he misunderstood the danger when Terry reported the incident the Coast Guard ended up rescuing Sellwood Bud left the shark where it was the big great white shark estimated to weigh at least 440 lb the Coast Guard vento to Terry’s Boat along with the shark into the Evans head Bay just before night Sellwood had to replace them destroyed equipment which included buckets and some coolers but it least get eaten by the great white shark number to shark attacks Fisherman’s Boat twice if you thought we were kidding only told you about the bull shark being one of the most dangerous sharks there is and even more dangerous than a great white shark and you’ll change your mind after seeing this next video without changing the subject to much we have to say the drones are actually pretty cool there’s so many different things you can do with them and looking for fish around your fishing boat is one of the newer ideas for use of a drone that we’ve heard of the story begin there’s another fisherman was taking some Drone footage of a bull shark off the coast of Florida the guy running the Drone was actually fishing for black tip sharks from the beach while using the Drone to look for black tips the Drone instead picked up some Cobia which were swimming around huge bull shark you then called Carl and told him that he spotted some kobe up and that he needed to come out to catch them Carl was in his 30 foot fishing boat as you reach the area where the Kobe / spot it however when Carl reach the area where the Cobia were the bull shark went completely insane barely the bull shark didn’t like the boat and its territory in the video you can see the bull shark attacking the boat and it wasn’t just the whole of the boat that it goes after but it also attach the two outboard motors on the back the bull shark relentlessly attacked the boat at least 7 * shark behavior he had ever seen once the boat was back onshore inspection showed that the shark that actually broken and bit off one of the plastic covers of one of the motors if you ask us that was one in angry and incredibly strong bull shark number one orca attacks boat in Alaska many people might not know this but four decades in the Bering Sea fisherman have been contending with killer whales or Orca who act restock their boats and try to steal their catch this type of behavior by orca can amount of thousands of pounds of lost fish and even though this is been going on for quite some time but the problem is only gotten worse and he’s killer whales are smart some of them seem to attack epic boats and they’ve been attacking what’s called long-liners which is fisherman who use one long line with many hooks this type of fishing represented inviting buffet for the Orca whale be interesting thing is that these killer whales used to peacefully coexist with Alaska’s fishing boats however now they swim around in gangs and are very intelligent and won’t let fishermen catch a single fish these creatures end up stalking fishing boats and then robbing them as soon as they have their catch and it’s not just one or two fisherman say that they’ve seen at least 40 of them in a pack around their boat holy crap electronic noise makers to scare away the whale now the fishermen say that this sound like a dinner bell in fact how to 50 Orca one stuck with an Alaskan fisherman for many days and ended up stealing 12000 pound of halibut hope you enjoy the video top 5 or if you haven’t already check out our other channel Americano to enjoy it even more amazing list videos there’ll be a link in the description so check it out as well as our other cool stuff showing up on screen right now see you next time
5 Sea Monsters Caught ATTACKING a Boat!

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