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5 Strangest Things Flat Earthers Believe Are True!

it would seem that there are two different types of people in the world those who believe that the Earth is round and those who believe that it’s flat despite their be more evidence that the Earth is round and not flat like a Spinning Disk in space there are still arguments brought up that the flat-earthers truly believe in even if it to the rest of us they mostly fall flat what is and isn’t real check out these 5 strangest things flat earthers believe are true before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content with that being said let’s be number five Antarctica is actually a giant ice wall surrounding the earth if we talk about anything first it should be the giant wall of ice that surrounds the Earth and keeps the oceans falling into space this also means that if you were to get so far as an Antarctic Quest and you got to the edge of the ice wall you two could fall off into space but no one’s ever made it that far the government is guarding and and some places are strictly off-limits to people someone has the guard that wall so that the round earth conspiracy can continue to benefit company such as NASA and they are NASA gets a whopping .5% of the federal budget each year ask and 18.4 billion dollars in 2011 and you wonder why they don’t have the money to go back to the Moon but if you ask anyone who believes in a flat Earth this great ice wall protects us from anything that lies Beyond like maybe aliens or maybe even Heaven and Hell some of you may ask what happens if we fly over the ice wall in an airplane the answer that comes from the president of the Flat Earth Society is that any plane that flew over this ice wall could drop from the sky and the planet at the same time and according to them no one ever ventured this far or returned from the ice-wall to tell about their Journey apparently the model of the Flat Earth is moving upward like an elevator what’s beyond the wall is of great interest to the society and many believe there’s an inn playing beyond the giant ice wall it should be interesting to the belief here and the moon are the same size about 32 miles in diameter each the Sun and Moon circle the Earth and already exact opposite planes they both of course orbit the North Pole number for forests aren’t real some beliefs really require a lot of imagination and who are we to say what’s real not take forest for example one of the stranger beliefs is it Forest really exist this new and strange Theory popped up in 2017 the theory basically states that there are no forests on the planet Earth the trees that we see or nut trees at all these are just a big bushes much smaller remnants of what was left over when real forests on the planet were entirely decimated this natural Apocalyptica most likely took place when the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs in back of the atmosphere the air impact of the asteroid destroyed the majority of Ancient Forest including trees which were many times bigger than the ones we see now real trees were in red and silver flat earthers believe that the mountain formation in Wyoming called Devil’s Tower is the Petrified stump of one of these grape tree so the matter of fact we should just continue on with this belief is that nothing was formed by lava but instead the mountains and rocks UCR the remnants of Ancient Forest this include all those Canyon and every rock formation that you know those aren’t rocks their tree there are some giant trees in the world still take the Giant Sequoia in California you can. Some of these trees can measure in diameter at their trunk so there are still giant trees on the planet so Ancient Forest sand gigantic trees but this whole thing still begs the question what does this have to do with a flat Earth but if you look at the natural formations argument that round earth people believe in flat earthers can account for such like mountains they cannot can see this how such formations were made from a flat Earth where would these mountains come from after all and that lava that’s running through Hawaii and had to come from somewhere inside the Earth right it could be possible that lava also isn’t real to the people that believe in the Flat Earth we don’t know number 3 gravity does not exist you really need to have some serious conviction if you believe that the force that holds everything to the ground or gives wait to everything isn’t real and therefore doesn’t exist you may remember we briefly touched on the movement of the earth when we talked about the ice wall remember that to a person that believes in a flat Earth at work standing on a round planet that scrolling through space at 67,000 miles per hour not to mention that the Earth is also spinning in miles per hour on it instead the Flat Earth model moving upwards like an elevator that never reaches the top floor or something like that they call this Universal acceleration and it rejects Newton’s law of gravity and Einstein’s theory of relativity those ideas are crazy vulva spherical Mass pulling planets and stars in uniform towards it Center phone Universal acceleration as its own tracks instead of gravity of the earth is lifted with an unknown form of dark energy which physicist incidentally claim makes up 70% of the universe of course the origin of this energy is unknown it’s claims that the dark and magical energy pushes the planet Earth upwards forever with no destinations it’s the force of the Earth moving upward that’s keeping us up into the ground and the whole idea sounds a little far-fetched but despite this there are actually many people using their own skills to debunk gravity of Flat Earth theory by the name of Dave Marsh says that he has destroyed the Big Bang Theory and it’s called electromagnetism many flat Earth believe that we’ve all been deceived and bring up things such as saying that their Horizons always I level no matter what elevation you’re at the back to the idea of a round ball flying through space why would water stay still wobbling like the round earth these are just some of the arguments that are brought up when gravity is mentioned great arguments number to all astronauts have been bribed or coerced there are many astronauts that have been to space we all know I mean there are people that we put in a space right well I won’t be able to believe this one either if you also believe that the Earth is flat but the main argument behind this did we put humans in space to keep us all focused on the conspiracy of around Earth experiences real understanding the conspiracy is something else in the whole idea of Faking space-travel came about during the Cold War the United States is well in fact if you are firmly in the flat-earth religion than you believe or must accept that no one has ever been to space there’s no way to get into space because there’s an invisible Dome that protect space and would stop any rocket from getting into space there’s also the suggestion that the Earth is a diamond door at least diamond-shaped and is supported by pillars great Stone pillars that also move upwards with the Earth it sounds very complicated when you think about it but back to the bride’s in conspiracy is doing a really good job of Faking things including photos of rockets astronauts in space the space station and even satellite the public into thinking that the Earth is round but you have to at least consider this for a moment if around Earth is an elaborate hoax it’s a damn good one sure there CGI but not back in the late 60s and early 70s some new research says we didn’t have the technology to fake the moon landing as many flat Earth conspirators claim in fact one guy by the name of Bart sibrel found out you don’t harass an astronaut that’s been to the Moon part approach to Buzz Aldrin and ask them swear on the Bible that he went to the moon part began to call him a liar and a coward because it had just about enough of that ended up giving him a knuckle sandwich and probably your well-deserved one again number one Australia is in a real country tonight a lot of different theories pop up well if you’re a flat earther it’s just better to assume using the same magic as not believe in gravity and just believing that it doesn’t exist the theory really isn’t a new thing but something that was actually mentioned back in 2006 from the flat-earth would recently some 50,000 people decided to jump on the Australia doesn’t exist bandwagon because all these kinds of bandwagons are just playing kinds of strange things and so the idea that Australia isn’t real. Neck Road and it’s making a real come back when you create something like this you really need to be prepared when people ask about your Australia friends of those people are just actors or even some computer-generated people the plot behind all of this is to trick the world into thinking the Earth is just around sphere the Flat Earth Society called Australia and Imaginary Land and everything you’ve ever heard about this place it’s all been made up pictures of the place in all those scary animals and even that weird yet instantly recognizable accent but anyway you’re probably thinking this would be really difficult to fake right well the secret government will stop at nothing even if it means hiring some secret internet agents that simply surf the Internet and enforce these round earth believes round earth science that’s taught in school teaches that this country exists but in reality that’s all part of the some of that the fact that government put so much effort into covering up the fact that it’s not a real country or place proves that it’s big after all again the governments of the world and proved that the Earth is round various Devils hope you enjoyed the video top 5 or if you haven’t already check out our other channel Americano to enjoy even more amazing list videos there will be a link in the description so check it out as well as our other cool stuff showing up on screen right now see you next time
5 Strangest Things Flat Earthers Believe Are True!

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