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5 Things You’ll Never Buy Once You Know What’s Inside!

everyone loves food and we eat a lot of stuff without thinking twice about it things like hot dogs canned mushrooms and salad dressing most thing find the supermarket are relatively safe and if you’re a label reader you can get a pretty accurate idea of what’s inside the product if you’re curious enough to look at that incredibly small print with a magnifying glass however you might not know everything or how that cold refreshing beer was made and there’s probably a good reason they don’t tell you with that said check out these five things you’ll never buy once you know what’s inside before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get to fight everyday for more amazing content with that being said let’s begin number 5 salad dressing Everyone likes salad dressing after all who likes to eat a salad plain okay there are so people who are crazier than us but most of us like to drown our salad and some blue cheese ranch or Italian dressing but many people might not know that there’s an extra added ingredient in most salad dressings that might leave you scratching your head ingredient is known as titanium dioxide what is titanium dioxide well it’s exactly as it sounds it’s a metal that’s also known to cause cancer in lab rats and his even cause cancer in the people who handle it weight there’s a cancer-causing agent in my salad dressing but I actually titanium dioxide is used in a lot of different products such as sunscreen toothpaste and skim milk what’s it doing in there you might ask titanium dioxide is actually used to whiten different foods and products so basically you’ve been spreading the stuff on your skin using it to brush your teeth and actually eating it in different products you know that white powder that use on tennis courts and football fields to Mark the lines that’s titanium dioxide powder Cactus titanium dioxide is actually used in a lot of paints of course it is a nanoparticle and the Food and Drug Administration say that it’s safe to ingest in small amounts however if you’re using a lot of products that have this stuff in it there’s a good chance to eat build up a titanium dioxide presents in your system enough to possibly caused some damage maybe even cancer and why you might think that this is some kind of thing that isn’t true a study was done by researchers that looked at the intestines of people who had colon cancer and they found traces of this titanium dioxide present in all of them in other words it’s a very good possibility that you could likely develop health problems if you consume a lot of titanium dioxide would that said if you’re not sure how much titanium so you’re consuming it’s best to take a look at the labels and needy cut down on those products you might be asking why titanium dioxide is allowed in so many product the answer is the FDA says it’s okay to consume small amounts of titanium dioxide Diverse Health effect what they don’t tell you is if you eat too much of this titanium dioxide you could get cancer number for Pringles probably going to get a lot of hate for this one and once I heard about it I was her crying in my snow by Pringles that familiar model once you pop the fun don’t stop might have to end up being changed what might surprise you is the Pringles aren’t even potato chips at all Pringles are actually made rice corn wheat and some potato flakes that are pressed into that cool shape that comes out of the can that do like substance is then rolled out and cut and pressed into chips by a big machine those chips then go on to a conveyor belt and moves hot boiling oil and that are blown dry like with a hair dryer after the chips are made their sprayed with different powdered flavors and then stacked into those neat toucans despite this most of us can agree that these chips are tastier than most chips that you buy in the store doesn’t matter if they’re sour cream and onion salt and vinegar or barbecue once you pop open a can of you’re probably going to eat the whole thing and that doesn’t sound very bad actually however there is a substance known as acrylamide that is a cancer-causing neurotoxic chemical hiding inside those tasty chips this is a bad advertisement the chemical is not added to the potato chips in fact it naturally occurs when foods that are rich carbohydrates are cooked at high temperatures such as the boiling oil with that said acrylamide can probably be found in all kinds of different potato chips in fact it is not Justin Pringles that you can find this chemical in a 2005 study when looking for the cancer-causing acrylamide it was found in most popular brands of potato chips in fact it was found in all of the potato chips that were tested and while that might not be surprising the test showed that the amount exceeded the legal limit of acrylic buy a minimum of 30 times as much as it should be and in some cases 910 times as much as the legal amount Allowed by the FDA the thing is all foods that are cooked to the temperature higher than 120 degrees Celsius heat induced toxins but what about baked potato chips you might ask well according to the US Food and Drug Administration the acrylamide levels in these Foods maybe three times higher than regular potato chips so with that said if want to get away from the Pringles try munching on an Apple some celery or perhaps some almonds instead just tell yourself it tastes as good number three canned mushrooms as we previously mentioned the food and ministrations job is to make sure that you’re not consuming too much of something that might be harmful we didn’t say it’s their job to make sure there isn’t anything harmful in your food because most of the time there is a lot of us prefer fresh mushrooms over canned mushrooms sometimes mushrooms just aren’t available what’s more canned mushrooms are usually a lot less expensive than fresh mushrooms canned mushrooms have a long shelf life and they’re convenient in already clean cut and ready to go but there’s something else that’s hiding in your can mushrooms chances are you probably never seen them that’s because worms or maggots may have been hiding or burrowing inside of your mushrooms yes we said worms or maggots chances are if you’ve ever eaten that can of Mudd you probably also ate some worms or maggots without even knowing it some people might say protein while other people might not ever eat mushrooms again the camper I use anyway all this might sound pretty bad it might not be surprised that these Critters can be found in other canned products such as tomatoes tomato paste some pizza sauces and even maraschino cherries everyone knows that worms love cherries so why is this happening and why is the Food and Drug Administration the fact is those FDA people allow up to a very small amount of maggots and even lights in every three and a half ounce can of mushrooms or another vegetable yes once again the Food and Drug Administration says that it’s okay to be small two things that we wouldn’t normally eat but there is some good news depending on who you ask maggots are actually completely edible and safe to consume the freaky thing is that you’re probably eating 1 or 2 lb of flies mites and maggots each year without even however with that said just because you don’t know you’re eating them doesn’t mean that they’re not the grossest bugs on the planet so if you’re not into eating these types of Critters best thing is to buy fresh number two hot dogs good chance that if you love hot dogs you might have inquired once or twice about how they’re made you might have seen the truth and might not care however if you’re one of those people who think that some things are better left alone than this video might make you overlook the hot dogs at the supermarket and there’s some people that won’t care and will continue to eat the tasty things yes just because it might have started out as something else before became a hot dog won’t deter even some of the bravest and toughest customers and we totally when it comes the hot dogs hot dogs are made from the leftover trimmings of steaks chicken breasts hams some juicy tenderloins briskets and other meat that’s cut up at the butcher shop there’s quite a bit of stuff that’s left over in for cutting away the Prime Cut to me with all the gristle fat and other things left over from the butcher an animal and the crazy thing about this is that somebody out there actually thought hey this stuff is going to waste we should put it to good use and by the way if you’re curious the word trimmings is a purposefully big word that’s used in the meat industry these leftover trimmings are actually used in products like hot dogs all of the trimmings are put in a giant fat and pre-cooked so that it eliminates a high amount of bacteria that pre cooking also separates from the head and Bones the remaining muscle meet fat and even connecting tissues yes that is what hotdogs are made of but it’s not just hot dogs that are made out of this stuff a lot of different products such as bologna liverwurst frankfurters and types of sausages are made from this leftover product the meat and motion that takes place turns into which probably better known as meat better or even the George Carlin coined term meet Kate of course there are higher quality products that are made for higher quality meats that are left over those include all kosher beef hot dogs that have no by-products ready fillers and even though artificial colors added to them it’s the less expensive hot dog so you have to watch out for that have all of the chemicals fats and the fillers other stuff that the production process put inside of them so with that said if you’re still in the hot dogs after listening to all of this spend the extra cash by buying the higher quality product number one beer you right now saying now you’ve gone and done it while many of you were probably saying it doesn’t matter what’s in my beer I’m going to drink it anyway well if that’s the case then you don’t have anything to worry about but while we’re on the subject we might as well tell you what might be hiding and bottles of beer even bottles of wine if you’ve ever wondered how that beer got so beautifully clear then we’ll tell you all about it of course there are two different types of beers there’s or unfiltered variety which has a cloudy look to it that everyone’s familiar with and then there’s unfiltered beer that’s nice and Crystal Clear the thing is most breweries use a product called isn’t glass from the bladders of fish to give it that clean Pur look and actually most wines are refined using the same process isn’t glasses turned into a gelatin that’s used in the fighting process to remove all the Cloudy stuff you see and unfiltered beer while it won’t hurt you some people have asked why this has to be used in making beer instead of some Modern process in fact Guinness was pressured into remove the product from their beer however there’s a claim that the bottled product still uses isinglass some beer connoisseur say that the process takes away a lot of flavor from the beer and if you’ve ever tried unfiltered beer and like it better now you know why what will void the product altogether simply order a beer unfiltered and chances are it doesn’t contain beer filtered through dead fish guts hope you enjoyed the video top five or if you haven’t already check out our other Americano to enjoy even more amazing list videos description so check it out as well as our other cool stuff showing up on screen right now see you next time
5 Things You’ll Never Buy Once You Know What’s Inside!

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