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5 Times Pet Owners Regretted Leaving Their Pets Home Alone!

sometimes our pets can do some pretty crazy things that leave us wondering why we got a pet in the first place some pets rebell against their owners for different reasons why other pets seem to just be seeking some attention other times are pets end up being incredibly loyal and loving and end up being Heroes which makes us think that sometimes they’re smarter than we are with that said let’s take a look and find X pet odor regretted leaving their pets home alone before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content with that being said let’s begin number five dog dies to save drunken owner from train some stories of animals end up being really sad and we’ll try not to make a use up that whole box of Kleenex during one video however like this story some stories of a pets loyalty should be told in 2012 one such story appeared online and talked about a dog that was run over by a train just moments after it’s pulled its drunk and suicidal owner off of the train tracks saving his life the owner of the dog was a 48 year-old men who was feeling suicidal and ended up drinking a bottle of vodka and had fallen asleep on some train tracks in the city of karaganda in Kazakhstan the dog was staying close to its owner this whole time however the dog then noticed a train was coming and knowing is owner was lying in it dangerous place started to pull the man away from the train tracks the driver of the train saw the dog on the train tracks pulling its odor away from them and tried to use the Train’s emergency brakes sadly the dog was unable to get out of the way of the train itself and its pause ended up being crushed which resulted in the instant death of the poor but courageous animal with all that said this isn’t the first time that a dog has made Headlines by rescuing its owner from an oncoming train the incident took place in Shirley Massachusetts it’s not exactly known why the dog’s owner was on the train tracks that however the owner was unconscious at the time the train approached the eight year old pitbull which was named Lily pulled her unconscious owner out of danger luckily this time dog and owner both survived however the dog’s right front Paul was crushed by the train and had to be amputated those who were present at the scene where surprised that the Pitbull Lilly even though she was seriously injured stayed tremendously call and stayed by her older side through the whole ordeal incidentally the pit bull was saved a few years earlier and was rescued by the woman’s son from a local animal shelter so that the dog to be a companion to his mother the dog turned out to be a lot more than a companion saved his mother’s life number for lost dog saves a life dogs are tremendously loyal and loving pets and there are many stories of a dog saving other people’s lives including their owners one morning woman found a lost Terrier that was wandering around a local primary school and ask her neighbor if she could help look after the dog the neighbor agreed to help out but said that they would only be able to do it for the day the woman then took two photos of the dog and then designed and printed some flyer place an ad on Craigslist for the pound or lost dog in this case the tools then went around the neighborhood and place the Flyers on the mailboxes and hope that someone would recognize the dog and be able to put it back together with its owner the woman who agreed to care for the dog for the we decided that she needed to go to the dollar shop to buy some essential pet supplies she ended up leaving the dog at home with her two sons one of her sons was 21 years old and her youngest son was just 10 the oldest son had Down syndrome as well as an assortment of other this isn’t health problems in fact he had recently undergone heart and kidney surgery for days have passed and the woman was still caring for the dog who the family it started to call Riley the woman arrived home from work one day and Riley ran to the screen door and started bar insanely add her as soon as the woman came through the door Riley ran into Christians bedroom where she found Christian in the middle of a violent seizure Riley then ran over to Christian and started the bar but as soon as the woman bent over to help her son the dog silent the woman said that their neurologist told her Christian would have choked on his own blood had the dog not alerted her to the problem during this time no one had called to claim the lost dog and so because of what happened the woman decided to keep the dog the next morning the Woman’s friend got a call from a man who recognized his lost dog on one of the Flyers and ended up contacting her the woman started crying and explain that the dog is saved her friend’s son the man drove to the woman’s house to pick up his dog and saw her younger crying on the porch and her older son in the window I after a few moments the owner of the animal said maybe already was supposed to find you and maybe you should keep them it’s not known how this story ended but it’s likely that the woman in the two boys ended up keeping the dog number 3 Bobbie the Wonder Dog it was the summer of 1923 a family was about ready to leave on vacation and it packed up their car and headed east for a visit to Indiana the two people had a young Scott collie mix named Bobby who came with them the dog like to ride on top of the luggage in the back seat or else would ride on the running boards alongside the Overland Redbird touring car they were almost to their destination when a pack of Mongrel attacked Bobby the dog running for his life with three snarling dogs and pursued his owner wasn’t worried and thought the Bobby could take care of himself and would be waiting back at the house where the people were staying however when they arrived the dog wasn’t there the dog’s owner started searching for him call roundtown advertised in the local newspaper and drove all around the town but they still couldn’t find Bobby meaning to continue their trip they left instructions to hang on to the dog should the dog reappear and that they would pick him up on their way back home regret the people continued on their way and it left instructions to send Bobby home on a train at their expense should he show up however the dog never did show up and 6 months passed by one day a relative was visiting the couple when they thought they spotted I’ll be surprisingly enough it was Bobby the dog had sore feet heavily matted fur and his toenails we’re literally wore down to nothing Bobby ended up walking more than 2,500 miles and probably well over 3000 swimming across rivers and crossing the Continental Divide in the dead of winter to get back home to his odours the people were so happy to see the dog that they gave him a meal of sirloin steak apparently not happy enough to spring for the filet mignon after the story of the dogs incredible adventure to return home after being on the road for 6 months Bobby ended up making National headlines and was in all of the newspapers the interesting thing about this incredible story is that that’s the couple returned home from their trip their car at service stations each night Bobby had visited each one of the stations along his way home his story remains one of the most incredible stories of a lost animal finding its way back home and I am right now very mad at his owner number to dog attend Mass daily wear owners funeral was held it can be said the dogs are sometimes bound to their owners through incredible loyalty and a deep love this story is proof of that says it begins with a German Shepherd named Tommy whose owner died but it’s been attending a daily mass at the church where is owner’s funeral was held the owner used to take the dog to services at a church in Italy where the dog was allowed to sit at the woman’s feet when Tommy’s owner the dog attended the funeral at the church and even followed her coffin since that day the German Shepherd has Faithfully made his way to the church when the bells ring that marked the start of services it said by witnesses that the dog wait patiently by the side of the altar just sits there quietly the scene is so sad that nobody has the heart to throw the dog out Friends of the woman that died said that she adopted several stray animals but that her relationship with Tommy was particularly close however everything is so sad for Tommy everyone in the small village next to the church now looks after the dog Tommy has now been adopted by everyone in the village and is everybody’s friend all of these people look out for him and leave food for him however some said that it would be stream to find a proper home the story first broken 2013 and it’s not known as the dog still attends mass or even if the dogs alive however it is a heart-touching story that shows the love and loyalty between an animal and its owner number one faithful dog dies next to his master’s grave this is another interesting story of a very loyal dog named Capitan this dog ended up sleeping in his master’s grave every single night after he passed away for 11 years Capitan was a black German Shepherd who was just for years old when its owner Miguel Guzman had bought him as a gift for his son the dog ended up staying with Miguel for some time however in two six Miguel passed away not long after this the dog ended up disappearing with people saying that they thought he had found a new home or Worse had to run away and then killed however several months later when friends of Miguel were visiting his grave they found Capitan waiting they’re one of the interesting things is that the family of Miguel had no idea how capitana found Miguel’s Brave as he’d never been taken there before Witnesses say the dog simply showed up at the cemetery so I’m barely walking around and to leave Master’s grave the dog wouldn’t leave the grave site and neighbor started to feed him The Grieving dog ended up staying at the grave of his owner 411 long years and would sleep there every single night that is until the 15 year old German Shepherd ended up dying the story is incredibly sad but this is what happens when an animal becomes attached and bond with its owner incidentally the dog never left Miguel side and ended up dying at the same place next to Miguel in the municipal Cemetery of via Carlos Paz which is a city in the Argentinian state of Cordoba enjoyed the video top 5 or if you haven’t already check out our other channel Americano to enjoy even more amazing list videos show me a link in the description so check it out as well as our other cool stuff showing up on screen right now see you next time
5 Times Pet Owners Regretted Leaving Their Pets Home Alone!

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