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Bizarre Discoveries in Romania

does our discoveries in Romania number 11 cucuteni-trypillian culture this ancient culture of people lived in the area of present-day Romania Moldova and Ukraine this culture left behind a lot of ancient artifacts and reasons still unknown they regularly burn their own settlements to the ground this culture was prominent from 6000 to roughly 3500 BC and built some of the largest settlements and Neolithic Europe some settlement contained as many as 2000 structures and had a population of 22 46,000 some speculate that they were wiped out violently buy Invaders and some say it was gradual and caused by a shift in the Region’s climate at around the time they close number 10 romance in the small Romanian Village of Coast St you can find a very bizarre geological phenomenon stones that grow called trovants by geologists these stones are result of a great amount of seismic activity in the reach approximately 6 million years ago the site of these livingstone’s became a tourist attraction in Romania so that romance museum natural reserve was founded in 2004 to protect and preserve the popular rocks number nine 10 million year old savannah animals while doing work on a local Road in the northern Romanian Village of protest e workers discovered bone fragments of rare mammals that lived as far back as 10 million years ago the most startling of these discoveries was a chalicotherium this score belong to an ancient animal that looks something like a giraffe these findings meant that this area was once a tropical savanna something that a Romanian local can only dream of today number 8 move I’ll cave in 1986 in the VIN communist state of Romania we’re testing a plot of land in the southeast part of the country to see if it was suitable to build a power plant on in doing this they stumbled upon the mobile cave this cave has remain isolated for millions of years cutting it off from the other in an advancement of the planet above it it is completely devoid of white and it has a poisonous atmosphere despite these setbacks the cave is teeming with unique spiders scorpions and centipedes more people have been to the Moon however because of the perilous Journey that it takes to reach this number 7 tartaria tablets in 1961 the tartaria tablets were discovered during an archaeological excavation at a Neolithic site in Romania the tablets are a little over 2 in across and are inscribed on one side with different just like a horned animal and a tree scientist from around the world examine the artifacts and carbon dating was used to reveal that the tablets were over 6,500 years old meaning they were examples of the earliest form of writing in the world number six dobrogea under Sound Lab Rats 33 miles from Constanta the oldest continuously inhabited City in Romania lies a huge underground Labyrinth starting in 1916 researchers begin to investigate the Labyrinth and discovered ancient remains left by human beings just carved walls and ceilings and very old ceramic fragments thanks to these remains we know that the cave was inhabited from between the 1st and 10th Century ad it is a very vast and confusing Labyrinth and the people that inhabited the Labyrinth how to use a marking system 2 parking lot number 5’s Terra Movie are a fossil inside of the pastera movie of Romania a 35000 year old fossil was discovered in 1952 this fossil of a woman with rugged traits the oldest known fossil to be discovered in Romania this fossil also helps support the theory that ancient humans went back to Africa after journey to your agent number for mysterious ancient complex object discovered in the beginning of 19 74 by construction workers and Central Romania no one knows what this ancient tool was used for and at first no one cared for 21 years after its Discovery it lay in a storage room at the Museum of Transylvania finally in 1995 it was analyzed it was discovered that it was a metal piece made mostly of aluminum with two indented holes and a chief in shape protrusion at one end it is speculated that it could have been part of a larger tool but the true use in origins of this millennia-old peace remains a mystery to this day Romanian skull for people in the west discovering Romanian culture both ancient and current can be quite bizarre and different something we are not used to or a custom 2in peasant culture there’s a very strong belief in the undead and the eve magic is regarded as something very real and Powerful the mysterious school that was because it is hard to find another explanation for this warped bizarre-looking possible number to bronze Matrix Siamese at Catoosa in 2013 there was a huge storm that uprooted a tree in the Romanian city of sarmisegetuza regular in the hole left by the fallen tree Lee a very unique bronze Matrix known as one of the most important Ark logical discoveries ever made in the area it is the only known Matrix of its kind ever discovered in the area it has a hexagonal shape and is covered with the outlines of several animals the over 2000 year-old piece was used by a jewelry designer to create matrixes that some old precious metals into jewelry this piece is a sneak peek into the way our ancient ancestors lived making it invaluable pushed in 1967 in the Romanian historical review this manuscript describes a live rocket launch into space what is truly bizarre and dumbfounding is that this rocket launch took place in 1555 according to the 450 page manuscript thousands of people witness this event which took place in what is today the Romanian city of sibiu the manuscript describes the rocket launch is a complete success this is the first known manuscript on rockets in the world and the type of rockets described in the documents or later launch at Cape Kennedy Houston several Space Program
From mysterious tools to even an entire tunnel system being found using the latest technology, these discoveries are truly amazing!

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