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Can A Bullet Fired Straight Up Kill You When It Falls?

is celebratory gunfire really harmless fun you may have seen malicious movie characters or even your own friends doing it they also fire weapons into the sky at ceremonial services or where guards fire shots to symbolize particular like at funerals what confuses me is that when one of these bullets falls back to Earth Shirley there falling at such a great speed that they do damage to anyone or anything unfortunate not to be standing below after all even a penny from the Empire State Building is supposed to kill you right imagine what it could do well before we investigate the potential danger of falling bullet are State Building would actually kill you let’s assume the penny use is a standard American $0.01 coin as the force of gravity pulls up any faster and faster towards the ground the amount of air resistance acting on it increases eventually writing forces will be balanced out by this drag meaning the penny won’t be able to go any faster because it would have reached its maximum speed known as its terminal velocity surprisingly he reaches its terminal velocity after August 15th which is just a bit higher than the bean sculpture in Chicago so dropping a penny from any height above that would not change the speed it would reach when hitting the ground at its terminal velocity of a standard one coin weighing 2.5 grams wooden trouble at around 40 km per hour or about 25 miles per hour and that’s a generous feed without considering the effects of when this isn’t fast enough to kill someone granted it would but you’ll likely just be left with a bruise or scratch this is because of Penny isn’t very aerodynamic there just flat metal disc that moving spin erratically so whatever okay then you would have thought before I explain why I unsubscribe we upload an amazing fact field list videos daily also make sure to click that Bell icon to stay updated we don’t regret missing out on some amazing know if they could have filled your brain what happens when a bullet is fired into the sky the thing is that due to wind in a variety of different factors a bullet fired into the air even directly upwards may fall hundreds of meters away from where you shot it so you’d have to be very unlucky to be in the path of the if our two angles they can travel kilometers across the land before hitting the ground so it’s incredibly difficult to track and predict where one would land according to computer simulation a 30 caliber rifle bullet fired directly upward reaches a maximum height of about 3000 or 10000 ft and take approximately 58 seconds to terminal velocity after falling or 400 feet as it reaches a speed of around a hundred kilometers per hour or about 44 meters per second surprisingly that’s not fast enough for it to penetrate human skin it we need to travel at around 61 meters per second to do that but this doesn’t make sense because there are numerous cases of people being killed by slow gunfire the most recent example happened in 2016 as a god woman in her private guard at a wedding in India killed the groom’s aunt and left three other relatives critically wounded there are dozens of other incidents like this including one of a man who had a bullet and go through his chin he was only saved because of his necklace which stop it from penetrating his chest that guy should definitely buy a lottery ticket but how do these accidents happen if a falling bullet doesn’t reach terminal velocity well it all depends on the angle at which the bullet was fired when a bullet is fired straight upwards it tumbles on its side on the way down creating considerable drag that slows it down this is because of bullet weight isn’t concentrated on its head but if it was like a shuttlecock then it would be really dangerous even if I’m perfectly vertically nevertheless a bullet will tend to fall on his head if it’s fire to certain way if the bullet is fired of a slight angle the boy is likely to fall pointing downwards and Saints been stabilized on an angular ballistic trajectory that basically means it will be traveling tip first if this happens the Bullock and reaches terminal velocity of around 90 meters per second or 300 kilometers per hour after falling about a thousand into downward trajectory since a bullet traveling at only 61 meters per second can penetrate human skin a bullet falling from a nonvertical shot definitely have the ability to kill you and obviously bullets fired on an upward angle of 45° or less can be cardboard lethal since they’re likely to hit someone on the ground while traveling at a much greater speed in this case gravity isn’t directly opposing the bullets motion so the projectile stated a higher velocity throttle flight path it’s also more likely to maintain it’s an issue aerodynamically favorable orientation so I can kill and that’s why it’s illegal in Most states and cities to fire weapons into the air is incredibly difficult to fire a weapon perfectly straight upwards the slightest angle could send the blood put your Daiquiri that enables it to land pointing downwards if we look at the video of celebrity Tori fire the Indian wedding we can clearly see the weapons being fired at an angle so it comes as no surprise that people were injured in fact the god woman in the video and her companion are being charged for murder over the incident but even if you’re lucky enough that nobody gets injured you can still be prosecuted for firing weapons in the air like this one 22 year old student again from India posted a video of him firing a pistol into the air on social me he was sentenced under the arm act punishable by a few years in prison and if you then wondered how people got away with firing shots at ceremonial events like the 3 volley salute there’s a simple explanation for that they use blank cartridges don’t forget though isn’t actually fired and ends there’s no risk of someone getting hurt what makes shooting into the air for real particularly dangerous is that 77% of all impacts are to the head which is unsurprising because that’s the first thing of falling object would hit in fact that means that the chances of dying from celebrity Tori gunfire are about 10 times as high as for my direct gunshot wound so guess the take-home message here is that if you want to celebrate consider alternatives like high-fiving or eating ice cream it’s much more respond potentially killing someone if you enjoy this video you should head over to question King real find Noble answers to more complicated questions explained in an easy-to-understand format like the video on screen to check it out and if you enjoy this video be sure to subscribe and click that Bell icon stay updated thanks for watching
Is celebratory gunfire really harmless fun? And where do bullets go when fired into the air? Firing a bullet straight up might not be dangerous, but more often than not, it is very dangerous!
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