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hey guys what’s up is Charlie here and today we’re going to be looking at if you see these cool adult now so we use a rise every single day and site is likely the most useful since we have thought there was some other things you should never ignore especially if I’m going to Kohl’s I floated if you look up at the sky right now chunks all you may see some floaters float to the light transparent smooth loves you sometimes see you often don’t see the one you’re looking at things normal reading is solid surface like a painted guy you’ll be able to see the motel in fact if your under the age of 14 you like he wouldn’t see these for a few more years generally increase got some young children can still get them so where do these clothes come from well as we age of fig jelly like substance fills the center of our eyes this substance is us right side gets worse as we age however Adventure races being made in your eyes as sometimes you should always look into them is all eye floaters dangerous well the answer is sometimes but no tollways Manulife largest thing you need to go to an eye doctor ideally you should see the eye doctor within 24 hours if you see flashes of light you should also see the dogs or if you’re near-sighted if you have a family history of retinal tear or Detachment Gilmore’s wrist and if you had iPhone 6 the full had eye surgery of any kind you even more at risk these can be big red flags for our bus now you may be asking what to do if you come to them with an eye floater if they tell you to ignore it it means it’s not a big deal maybe a candidate for treatment in certain cases iPhone 6 request surgery many people see these eye floaters and never imagined they would require surgery mistaken that sometimes I feel where is the gel from your I however this can come with a few wrist you can develop clouded lenses and if you’ll really unlucky you could even get personal detachment my surgery on eye floaters this basically shrinks people have another problem some people have is a freckle up here in there I think it’s totally natural and normal but you should get it checked out in some cases these can develop into melanoma you can develop blurred vision or in some cases retinal detachment so if you get a new Moto Freckle on or near your I’ve been seeing eye doctor immediately another eye problem people have is a burning sensation in their eyes but really even if it happens every now and then you should get it checked out most of the time you have a tiny information inside your eye you can see some doctors that prescribe it is basically a pimple of the eyelid will tell you to use a hot compress on a Bernie I that’s right even if you need to use a hot compress to get rid of it some people trying to shoot it down with cold water I’m finally the lost I program people have questions about is redness in the eyes may not be sleeping enough if your eyes are very right it could be in your blood vessels have dilated this could mean two chemical irritation is go to your eyes being poisoned onions or an allergic reaction to pollen or a cat another problem people have is -20 rise on producing enough kids to say lubricated they can get dry but breaking up with your partner or listening to a Drake album isn’t the best way to get to write lubricated which requires a dog to give you some eye drops these things are very easy and pain-free to treat fever coming to let me know if you guys ever seen any I floated and if you guys have ever suffered from any eye problems
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top IF YOU EVER SEE THESE, CALL A DOCTOR NOW! Here is a video of tips essential for your health of your and your family eyes. If you see certain things your eyesight may be at risk so watch this video for your safety to protect yourself and if you see any of the things on this list then don’t ignore it and call a doctor!

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