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Mysterious SECRETS On Military Bases!

from mysterious deaths and disappearances do undiagnosable illnesses a lot of freaky stuff has happened at military bases on Bob from World 5 list join me as I discuss five unexplained things that have happened on Military bases number five unexplained illness among f-35a pilots in May of 2017 operating f-35a lightning II aircrafts at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona began to suffer from symptoms of hypoxia known more commonly is oxygen deprivation while flying within a 5 week. There were 5 inflight incident which prompted officials to ground all of the F-35 a flights and investigation into the problem would yield no detection of aircraft malfunction which is odd since after 35 sore some of the most expensive unsophisticated weapons out there and therefore equipped with Superior safety technology flights resumed after Pilots were provided with extra training on how to detect the signs of hypoxia and how to avoid it with additional the protocol however 3 more incidents would ensue at the base shortly thereafter luckily the pilots were able to safely ground their planes after implementing their backup oxygen systems the pilots may have suffered from something other than hypoxia and individual recovers fairly quickly from oxygen deprivation after their levels are restored however the pylons experience lingering symptoms after their episodes It’s been speculated that perhaps suffered from hypercapnia a condition caused by elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the blood however the bizarre incidents have simply been classified as physiological episodes the military’s working hard to reach call the unidentified issue with these aircraft and in January of this year appointed a general to lead an investigative team that will seek answers and solutions number for the death of Levine Johnson PFC lavena Johnson seem to have everything going her way after graduating high school she join the army with the goal of eventually becoming a film producer levinas dreams were cut short however in 2005 just days before her 20th birthday when she supposedly committed suicide while serving in Iraq to levinas parents the allege circumstances that surround her death just don’t add up from the they received the devastating news they felt they were being deceived all those suicide is alarmingly common among servicemembers lavena had spoken with her family just two days before her death and was in great spirits she was about to begin a new job on base and learn that she would finish her tour of Duty in time to spend Christmas with the family why then would she want to end her own life the Army initially provided the Johnsons with no detail about the daughter’s death including how it happened and persuaded the family to agree to a closed-casket funeral the official investigation eventually concluded that ledvina had shot herself in the head with her M16 in that something about her death was being hidden from them and had her body exhumed while the independent autopsy results were inconclusive the young woman’s remains were covered in what look like acid burns possibly in an effort to destroy DNA evidence and she also appeared to have been badly beaten the Army maintains to this day it’s position and the Cold Case investigative research it stands by the findings however the Johnsons continue to believe that there was Foul Play involved in their daughter’s death and have recruited the help of several professionals renowned trial attorney Donald V Watkins study the case thoroughly in Belize That Lovin was actually murdered after witnessing a colleague engaging in extra marital relations additionally no gunpowder would ever be found on levinas hands and her M16 had been wiped fingerprints at the very least there are unanswered questions that surround levinas death and they deserve continued investigation nearly thirteen years after the cause of levinas death Still Remains of fish play recorded as a suicide number 3 The Disappearance of Paul whipkey one of the strangest Unsolved Mysteries that surrounds the US military involves Lieutenant Paul whipkey a high-ranking officer Empire lit at the US Air Force Base Fort Ord California during the 1950’s whiskey was one of the first man to witness the military’s atomic bomb testing in 1957 with key suddenly felt ill and explain Ubly lost his teeth developed moles and black warts all over his body and suffered from frequent colds in even lost weight with key also began behaving and strangeways appearing especially tense after frequent site I’ve been talking to two unidentified men in suits then on July 10th of that year he would tell friends that he was visiting nearby Monterey and left in plain clothes after checking into a hotel with key would never be seen again the next day military personnel Racine clearing out his apartment and his car was seen being driven by a man in uniform whipkey’s car was then found in Death Valley 5 weeks later with the keys in the ignition so he wasn’t a smoker it was surrounded by cigarette butts a month after The Disappearance the military then classified whipkey as a deserter but they didn’t begin looking for him until 8 months later then in 1970 seven the Army would destroy all of their files on Wiki and in 1982 changed his status from deserter to killed in action after deciding that he died unavoidably the day after he disappear we would insist that he was a superior soldier who would have never abandon his duties and his brother Carl would dedicate his entire life to finding out what truly happened to the mysteriously vanished Soldier to this day of body of theory circulate including the possibility that Paul was killed as a secret agent for even died of radiation poisoning number to the crash of the L8 Airship the United States Navy Belle Adair ship was one of a fleet of more than 150 years ships that were designed to spot enemy submarines off the coast of California Man by Lieutenant Ernest Cody and Ensign Charles Adams the Airship departed from Treasure Island routine anti-submarine Patrol August 16th of 1942 the United States and entered into World War II just nine months earlier and was under the constant threat of Japanese submarines which it already sunk over a half does Allied ships off the West Coast at one point during their patrol a radio message would be sent from the blimp to Treasure Island simply stating that an oil slick was being investigated and be on standby and oil slick indicated the possible presence of an enemy submarine this would be the last message that anyone ever received from the l85 hours after initial take off residents of San Francisco Daly City as the L8 rapidly descended and then crashed into the ground oddly the control car was empty and the ship’s interior was in perfect working order even more perplexing the bodies of Cody and Adams were never recovered the men had not use their parachutes which remain neatly tucked away and the ship still contained its Lifeboat the engine had been turned off and the door was secured in the open position it was customary for Airship Cruise Kerry waited briefcases full of classified documents which were to be thrown overboard in the event of an emergency but the LH briefcase was aboard the ship when it crashed while some of the Mysteries on my list maybe pause cover-ups for inside jobs even the military seems to be eternally baffled by the case in fact to this day nobody can even say what happened and number one the deep cut for it seems as if the United States isn’t the only country that has a tendency to write off mysterious military deaths for military recruits known as the deep cut 4 would die from gunshot wounds between 1995 and two listen to at the deepcut barracks in Surrey England at first three of the deaths were ruled is open verdicts and one is a suicide however following the demands of further investigation all for debts would be ruled as suicides by police and the British military like the parents of lavena Johnson the families of the Four soldiers were skeptical of the circumstances that surrounded their death and pursued independent investigations one of the most Viking discrepancies that surrounds the depths is the fact that the first man to die Sean Benton had been shot 5 times across his chest no I don’t know about you but it seems highly unlikely that someone could that many shots at them self in the process of committing suicide prior to his death Benton had complained about being Shackled and humiliated at his Barracks as well as being pushed out of a window buttons family repeat that he seemed thin and withdrawn while visiting them on leave and that he cried before returning to Duty II deep cut for victim Cheryl James was found dead from a shot to the forehead in November of 1995 and her cause of death would remain on the record as open verdict until 2016 when it officially became ruled a suicide Cheryl’s father does James has spoken out about his suspicions that his daughter was the time of sexual harassment and violence seventeen-year-old Jeff Gray would be shot in the head twice while on guard Duty in 2001 once again and open verdict in quest conflicted with the Army’s claims that the young man had committed suicide according to ballistics expert Frank Swan it’s unlikely that graze gunshot wounds were self-inflicted according to the young man’s family he had no outward reason for wanting to kill himself in 2002 James Collinsworth died from a gunshot to the chin the Army yet again resolve that Collinsworth probably killed himself but returned with an open verdict according to the deep cut review of 416 page and doses of the honorary Nicholas Blake a judge of the high court in England and Wales all four deaths were in fact suicides however all four of the victims families contest the verdict leaving one to wonder if the truth causes of death or actually covered up what do you think about all of these dark secrets and conspiracies let me know about it in the comments below make sure you subscribed and I’ll see you next time on world 5
Check out these mysterious secrets on military bases! This top 10 list of strange and weird dark secrets of the military has some unexplained events to this day!

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