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Strangest Things Found In The Basement!

let’s face it basement can be really creepy whether you’ve had first-hand experience or you’re a little too familiar with scenes from horror movies on Bob from world five list and here are 10 of the strangest things that were I found in basements number 10 infant remains and Peter Pan in 2010 one woman made of Sterling Discovery as she rummage through the basement of her Los Angeles apartment building inside an old chest or the remains of two newborn infants wrapped in LA Times newspapers that date back to the 1930s also contained a collection of peterpan memorabilia including a membership card to the Peter Pan Woodland club and a copy of the fame novel written by JM Barrie but wait it gets even stranger it was determined that the chest was originally owned by a woman named Janet embury who shared the same name as the author of the classic story and upon further research it was concluded that despite having a name in common the two people had no family connection disproving the theory that perhaps they were distant relatives DNA testing would prove that the remains of the two infant’s did belong to the owner of the trunk and it’s possible they were illegitimate children who died shortly the birth and that they were not given a proper burial because Barry felt obligated to keep them a secret at the time there was a social stigma that came along with being an unwed parent and there was probably some trauma suffer by the mother with a connection to Peter Pan which is disturbing on so many levels number 9 a secret roommate now when a group of Ohio State University students sharing and off campus apartment arrived home they discovered that several of their kitchen cupboards in the microwave it been left open they then begin to joke about their first floor unit being haunted and soon after the students began to hear a series of straw noises like dings and alarms coming from behind a locked basement door that they thought led to a utility closet at that point they then became suspicious that the strange events in there home Ward actually being buy Supernatural Force maintenance workers knocked on the mysterious door and then kicked it down revealing the source of the noises which was a secret furnished bedroom complete with framed photographs on the wall and a collection of textbooks the locks were immediately changed and the Holmes legal occupants left a note instructing the squatter to give them a call then they were later contacted by a man named Jeremy a fellow OSU student who removed his belongings from the room and found somewhere else to squats or bliv number 8 a hidden Chapel but first if you’re returning subscriber welcome back but if new here be sure you subscribe before you leave so you can get more awesome videos like this one in the future after enjoying some celebratory drinks One Night in September of 2010 a family that resided in England made an eerie Discovery feeling buzzed and adventurous the far-left family decided to put a long-standing curiosity to rest by investigating a mysterious metre-long great in the floor of the home that was owned by the couple of Pat and Diane after removing the great from the floor to of the family members then slid down the opening into a room that was previously unknown to the family the first thing they noticed was an open chest full of newspapers and buy couples that dated back as far as the 1930s but it only got weirder from there that’s when they spotted what look like a rotted wooden cross on the floor and makeshift pews that have been fashioned out of stone property deed dated back more than 230 years and that meant there could have been several explanations for the underground Chapel one expert speculated that the secret hidden room may have actually been used by Catholic during the 1700s to worship you know a time when being Catholic and England would result in persecution and execution the underground lair may have also served as a secret bunker during World War II when Winston Churchill station troops strategically throughout England for purposes of a possible last-ditch attack in the event of a Nazi Victory but goodness that didn’t happen number 7 or 200 pound alligator for anise rounding 26 years of Lansing Michigan man named Charles price kept a six-foot-long 200-pound pet alligator in his basement sadly though the alligator spent most of it’s life confined to a cage only occasion he being taken into the owner’s backyard neighbors had never really noticed any sign of the giant reptile living next door but then in January of 2016 it would be found by an appliance repairman the repairman noticed something moving in a covered container and then lifted the cover and upon discovering the large reptile took pictures and immediately notified Animal Control price would then be charged for having an illegal pet and the alligator was released back into the wild number six a human captive in March of 1998 a 10 year old Austrian girl would be abducted on her way to school the quiet socially awkward man who kidnapped her and took her home hoping that she eventually learn to enjoy his company and that her captivity would become at least somewhat voluntary a massive search effort would result in hundreds of white Vans were searched police based on eyewitness report of the kidnapping but all of the results turned out fruitless for the next 8 years the girl named Natasha complish resided in a damn decrepit cell inside the basement The Man known as Wolfgang priklopil the man had disguise the entrance is a cupboard with a concrete that was reinforced by Steel then as time went on Wolfgang became increasingly comfortable with letting her out of the house under his supervision and even allowed her to occasionally tag along with him in public out of a fear that her story wouldn’t be taken seriously the young girl remain silent during all of those outings finally one day Natasha sewn opportunity to escape her captor when Wolfgang would instruct her to vacuum out his van he then received a phone call and stepped away from the noise of the vacuum cleaner surprisingly the front gates to his home or unsecured that’s when she left a vacuum running and ran for her life finally securing her Freedom after the loss of her childhood meanwhile Wolfgang would have a to rest by laying on a set of railroad tracks and waiting for the next train ownership of his home with them be granted to Natasha who reportedly maintains the home as it was during her captivity and even spins her weekends there number 5 the homeowners. for 24 years Elisabeth fritzl was held captive in her own father’s basement in the town of amstetten Austria what is it with Austria and kidnappings anyway it All Began in 1984 when Joseph so ask eighteen-year-old Elizabeth to help him with the seller that he was building after assisting her father Elizabeth was then met with the intoxicating fumes of a cloth being held over her nose and mouth and she passed out unbeknownst to her she had just assisted her father with one of the final construction tasks of what would become both her torture chamber and her prison behind a concealed soundproof Corridor complete with eight locking doors in the immediate aftermath of her disappearance her mother would file a missing persons report while her father feigned concern mean while he then forced his daughter to write fraudulent letters explaining her disappearance is being a runaway because Elizabeth had a history of running away from home her case failed to Garner any kind of serious concern from law enforcement over the next 24 years she remained hidden in her father’s dungeon and every few days would provide meager allotments of food and other necessary items he also repeatedly raped his daughter resulting in 7 pregnancies ultimately Elizabeth would end up raising three children inside of the stifling basement a comet in fact her involuntary growing family needed more room and that’s when her father forced her and her children to expand the prison cell by digging through dirt by hand the young mother and her innocent children were open forced to go days without food and frequently had the lights turned off Elizabeth ended up having six children in total with her father with the three that she could not raise being raised by her father and his wife Rosemarie as false things finally came to a head in April of 2008 when Kirsten the oldest of Elizabeth and her father’s children would be admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening case of kidney failure Joseph provided the staff with a puzzling EX donation for the absence of her mother prompting suspicious to authorities to appeal to the public for more Joseph then allowed Elizabeth to accompany him to the hospital where law enforcement would be waiting the moment that Elizabeth was guarantee protection from are subhuman captor of nearly two and a half decades she disclosed all of the shocking truth finally the years of long mystery of her disappearance along with the silent suffering of her and her children would be put I meant number for remains in a jar in early 2012 workers assigned to restore property in Hannibal Missouri made a shocking Discovery they found the Jarred and preserved remains of two human fetuses underneath an Antiquated examination table workers and found the to fetuses in a ceramic container which was covered with a cloth after the discovery the properties owner William C enough then admitted to the media that rumors worst chelating about the property having been any illegal abortion clinic during the early 1900s the mystery doesn’t end there however Neffs parents purchased the property when he was a child and used it for their Chiropractic business had stumbled upon similar mysterious jars and according to him they had been less than eager to discuss the findings which they had disposed of because the case was so old when the remains were discovered law enforcement often to pursue an investigation and a local Funeral Home donated burial space for the remains number 3 The Last Supper made of dolls panties is a restaurant in the heart of Downtown Phoenix on the corner of 1st and let’s happy to serve you outside of normal business hours of course there’s a catch if you happen to venture into the restaurants basements you’re going to notice an arrangement of creepy dolls resembling an eerie replica Leonardo Davinci’s Last Supper painting hanny’s is also known for its complex mirrors which have a reputation for confusing customers who had a little bit too much to drink while the restaurant is unlikely to be played Supernatural Spirits the manufactured presence of weirdness is enough to Warrant a visit number two skeletons in Ben Franklin’s basement when construction workers discovered 1200 pieces of bone beneath the London house in 1998 it was no big deal at first after all the historic cities well known for the discovery of underground artifacts the pit of human remains which was one meter wide and one deep fell under closer scrutiny though when researchers uncovered information about one of the homes previous occupants for nearly 20 years from 1757 to 1775 the Holman been in did Biden on other than Benjamin Franklin now before you get too excited about Franklin’s past let me clarify soon after the disturbing discovery of human remains it would be determined that the home in once been used as an autonomy School the secret institution was run by William Hughson a friend of Franklin’s and the son of his landlady during a time when human dissection was illegal Houston buried the bodies in his basement when he was done with them in order to avoid the risk of being caught and prosecuted number one a German tank now we all have our Hobbies but one war memorabilia fnatic took recreational passion to a whole new level by storing a World War II German Panzer tank in his basement the decommission tank was discovered in 2015 in the man’s basements in the wealthy German suburb of heikendorf along with a German Cannon and a torpedo it would take 20 soldiers 9 hours to remove the tank and they were required to build a special ramp for it prosecutors from Berlin had searched the property the month prior under the suspicion that the homeowner possessed stolen Nazi art work a lawyer representing the owner of the tank maintained that because it was unable to fire the owner was not actually breaking the law according to the law however Nazi memorabilia can only be true made in Germany for scholarly or Museum purposes thanks for watching what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever found in your basement let me know about it in the comments below and be sure you’re subscribed and I’ll see you next time on world 5
Check out the craziest things found in the basement! This top 10 list of scariest basement discoveries has some bizarre and mysterious things you would not expect in basements!

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