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Top 10 Most Amazing Facts Part 9

hey how’s it going you guys walking back to the most amazing top 10 you guys know we have finally did it we got the 1 million subscriber plaque and it was all because of all of you guys so thank you so much for that teens guy the camera guy The Producers all the editors everyone was come together to make this happen we have finally got it I know we’re almost at 2 and if you guys can click on here go to the link down below will make sure to collect the block down there top 10 amazing fact part knife Ford up in the air where the moisture easily carries those four C’s boards have a distinct Earth-like smell that we often associated with rainfall Kevin the mayor of Talkeetna Alaska for the past 15 years is a cat what the heck it is honorary because of town is only a historical district and not actually a c find the USA flag back in 1958 for simple school project actually I’ll be that way it should be a plus plus does a plus exist system which includes the last name that is comprised from their father or mother’s first name ending with the daughter if it’s a girl and a sun if it’s a boy if I was athletic and I had a son his last name would be which means so I’m going to use that if you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground kangaroos can’t move there like separately they either hot or crawl by putting their weight on their front paws and tail while lifting their feet for you guys should try this wipe yourself just don’t get kicked by kangaroo the cheetah uses their tail to stare just like a runner for a boat we all know that’s a cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world because they’re capable of reaching speeds of 113 kilometers an hour kilometers into 3 seconds but it’s very interesting to know that they use their tail to stare in order to catch prey and allows themselves to maintain balance Mumbai India for just one day is equivalent to 100 cigarettes half of the City’s population lacks running water and electricity till the smoke comes from wood-burning cooking fires diesel buses and coal fired power Plant City actually has 13 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities and this is a problem for people with long deficiencies let’s all take a moment to laugh because laughter really is the best medicine Studies have confirmed that there are a lot of benefits the laughter it improves memory of older adults and prunes the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow laughing can improve your immune system help regulate blood sugar with your friends and family for number to Food doesn’t require gravity to travel to your stomach when you eat something The food doesn’t just fall if your esophagus and then just lands in the stomach Blake Manor call the peristalsis which pushes the food down through the small canal and into the stomach because even if you were able to eat something upside down your stomach the top 10 most amazing fact that’s so epic and I can’t wait to be over cost you about $65,000 okay maybe that’s my attempt it is predicted that made it to the summit of Mount Everest is littered with over 200 Corp and an estimate of 50 which makes it the world’s dirtiest mount
Top 10 Most Amazing Facts Part 9 facts, facts everywhere more amazing facts to blow your mind. Find out everything about anything here on this scintillating top 10 educational series where information is doled out in neat lists of 10. Tune in to see how many you know here on Most Amazing Top 10.

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