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8 Things Not To Do In Paris

Known as The City of Light, Paris is a dream destination for thousands of people around the world. Every year, people flock to this wonderful city to live the best moments of their life. But there are people who struggle to get the best out this wonderful place. Most of the time, it is their ignorance of things that deprive them of making the most of their trip to Paris.

Would you want to miss out on the fun that this city has to offer? Certainly not and this is why you are here. Now let me share with you a list of 8 things you should not do in Paris:

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

Don’t Spend the Entire Day Roaming Around the Eiffel Tower

When you are visiting Eiffel Time for the first time, it is easier to get besotted by its beauty. When I visited the Paris for the first time, I couldn’t help but wander around the lanes of Champ de Mars. I can vouch for its majestic charm and it was difficult for me to get my sight out of this scenic place.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

By the time I reached my hotel, I had already wasted a half of my day and I had only a few hours left to see the other tourist attractions. And the worse was that I had only a few minutes to finish my meals and get back to the trip. While I did visit the rest of the places, the delay turned me off and I had to rush to the rest of the places to catch up with my schedule.

Don’t See the Seine River from Bridge

Seine River is the essence of the beauty of Paris. The view of the river looks stunning in the night and visitors flock to the Paris Basin to experience its beauty. However, if you want to feel its true beauty, you should take a ride on the cruise during the night rather than gazing at it from a street or bridge.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

Don’t Shop At Champs-Elysées

Champs-Elysées is a hustle-bustle area that is occupied with wanders and window shoppers. Shopping around this area can cause you unnecessary delays in your trip. Besides, it is an upmarket locality, so the rates are usually higher than the neighboring markets.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

To save your time and money, you should turn to the Marais or Rue De Rivoli that is less crowded and has better rates.

Don’t Miss the Metro Experience

A lot of visitors who come to Paris prefer commuting the city in a rental car which is good but it is not a better option than a metro. Paris is the place to get the best metro experience. The city has an automated metro system that will take you anywhere in the city without any hassles of traffic or noise.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

The good thing about the metro system is that it accepts plastic money, so you don’t have to panic if you run out of cash.

Don’t Waste Time in Flea Markets

While we agree that flea markets are great for some cheap shopping but they are not meant for spending your entire day. Paris is a big city that has many wonderful places that are more interesting than flea markets. Rather than wasting your time flipping the different items in a flea market, you should explore the endless opportunities of fun and recreation you can do in Paris.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

Don’t Indulge In International Fast Food Eateries

Traveling is about experiencing the spirit of a place and you can do it only when you try the different shades of that particular place and food is one shade of that place.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

Paris is known for its tantalizing cuisines. However, a majority of people turn to McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway to satisfy their taste buds which is not a good option in a city like Paris. I mean what’s the point of visiting this city when you don’t try its local delicacies. As a matter of fact, Paris has some of the best brasseries that offer everything from steaks and burger to coffee and Gelato.

Don’t Leave Without a Plan

Paris is a happening city that offers endless opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, and eating out. Besides, it is a big city which means you have more things to experience than other cities in France. In other words, if you go to this city without an itinerary, you run the risk of getting lost in the overwhelming number of things you can find in this city.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

Don’t Rely Entirely on a Travel Guide

In a big city like Paris, it is easier to get lost because you don’t know the routes and it can seriously spoil your mood. Besides, not many people know the French language. So even if you expect any help from the locals, the language will be a big barrier. In my own case, I wasted a big chunk of my time during my first trip to this city.

8 Things Not To Do In Paris

Buying a city guide is a good idea but it doesn’t always help. Besides, many city guides are not updated and what you get in them is the outdated information. A better alternative is to spend a few extra bucks and get help from a professional who can escort you to your places of interest.

Paris is a heaven for tourist. A trip to Paris is only worth it if you can get the best of your time in this City of Light. These are some of the things you should avoid so that you can live every moment of stay in this wonderful city.

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