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Colorful Cat Art By Ruslana Golub

Hello! My name is Ruslana. Welcome to my colorful cat world.

I adore these cuties from my childhood. Red, white, soft, smiling and mysterious- they are all so different, artistic and beautiful with their own mood, color, and behavior.

I paint in many techniques and styles with different mediums. But this cat series I decided to create in colorfully stained glass technique. I’ve used vibrant and warm colors in my artworks as I associate cats with the warm sun!

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“Sweet dream”

“Mysterious cat”

“Enamored cats”

“Poppy friends”

“Mother’s care”

“Spring Dream”


“Sweet dream”

“Tricky glance”

“Mother cat with kitten on the glade”

“Three cats”

It’s me on Cat Exhibition ^.^

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