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Girl Shares Genius Way She Deals With Unsolicited Dick Pics

There are so many kick-ass things that come with being a woman, but harassment by creepy men is not one of them. These unwarranted advances come with an array of excuses, for example, “look at the way she was dressed.” In the digital age, technology has provided an additional space for men to be pervy towards women, the most famous of all being the “dick pic.”

Well, one woman has gone viral on the internet for her genius response to one such photo. Entertainer Ginger Banks posted a screenshot on Twitter of an encounter she had with her harasser along with the caption, “My new response every time I get an unsolicited dick pick.” Scroll down below to see the creative way she responded and people’s reactions.

Entertainer Ginger Banks recently received an unwanted ‘dick pick’ again

Image credits: avn

And came up with a genius response to fight back

Image credits: thegingerbanks

People on the internet applauded her for the creative idea

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