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How People With Fake Service Dogs Create Real Problems For People Who Truly Need Them

Service animals are vital companions to people with disabilities, diligently and selflessly helping them to live their lives with as much freedom as possible, and protecting them from harm. However, some people abuse the system and lie about their dog being a service dog, or get dubious certificates claiming they need ’emotional support’ based on the flimsiest of reasons. Remember the emotional support peacock?

This service dog trainer decided to vent her frustration about the situation, and used her experience and expertise to illustrate the difference between an actual, properly trained service dog and one that has been simply labeled as a service dog for its owner’s selfish convenience. Not only is it dishonest, but phenomenon of ‘fake’ service animals is causing real problems to those who actually need them, making already difficult situations even more difficult.

Scroll down below to read the eloquent explanation below and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you have a service animal? Have you come across anyone with an obviously ‘fake’ one? Join the discussion!

Tumblr user Trainingfaith is a service dog trainer. This is her service dog, Faith

She has become increasingly frustrated with people falsely claiming their pets as service animals






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