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The Way This Girl Trolled A Scientologist Who Sent Her A ‘Wrong Number’ Text Is Hilarious

Scientology has acquired a somewhat questionable reputation over the years, largely due to its bizarre belief system, the odd behavior of some of the celebrities it attracts, and the darkly secretive nature of the organisation.

To survive, Scientology needs a constant influx of new members, especially now with numbers reportedly on the decline. They seem to stepping up their recruiting game, if this text message to ‘Shelby’ is anything to go by. Chasing up previous takers of their ‘personality test,’ the scientologist seems nice enough, but is not prepared for the trolling they are about to receive. Scroll down below to check out the hilarious exchange for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Someone called Shelby got a message from a scientology recruiter recently


Here’s how people reacted to the masterful trolling






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