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‘Watch the Sky’: New UFO Movie Tips Hat to Spielberg

If you’re a fan of Spielberg-flavored sci-fi entertainment (kids chasing aliens around their neighbourhood while being pursued by spoilsport authorities and all that jazz), you may want to seek out a new movie written and directed by Alexander Murillo.

The movie, Watch the Sky, is based on the graphic novel of the same name and was released on August 21 of this year through iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Fandango, and On Demand through local cable/satellite providers.

The synopsis reads as follows:

“It all began with a simple question: it’s just one balloon in the entire sky, what’s the worst that can happen? In an effort to capture amateur video of outer space, two young brothers unexpectedly find themselves in harm’s way when an innocent Science experiment becomes a day filled with unearthly events threatening their sleepy coastal town.”

Co-President of distributor Breaking Glass Pictures, Richard Ross told BroadwayWorld.com:

“Murillo does a wonderful job capturing the ‘awe and wonder’ innocence of two brothers in a small coastal town, when they find themselves in the middle of an alien sighting. This is an engaging family-friendly film, with a tip of the hat to Spielberg.”

A number of movies in recent years have sought –with varying degrees of success– to recapture and pay homage to the magic of Spielberg’s sci-fi productions of the 1970s and 1980s, most notably J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 (2011), Dave Green’s Earth to Echo (2014), and Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special (2016).

Watch the Sky (title surely inspired by dialogue from Spielberg’s Close Encounters: “… Okay, watch the skies please…”, or by the working title for Spielberg’s abandoned movie based on the Kelly-Hopkinsville UFO case from 1955) is produced by Renée O’Connor (of Xena: Warrior Princess fame) and Jed Sura. It stars J. Nicole Brooks (Chicago Med), Luke Albright (Devil’s Pass), Christopher Corbin (Jane the Virgin), Amie Farrell (American Sniper), Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), and Carol Mansell (Desperate Housewives).

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