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Hairless Kittens Or Adorable Little Aliens

Your typical, fur-covered kittens may get most of the attention, but there’s just something unearthly sweet about a Sphynx kitten

Yes, they’re basically tiny, wrinkly aliens

But aliens who you just want to hold close and whisper comforting words to

They’ve traveled thousands of light-years just to be a wee ball o’ wrinkles that you can nuzzle right in your hand

You can see their strategic, extraterrestrial brains constantly at work, determining the best plan of action to take over the Earth

They know how to get into your heart with just one wide-eyed look

Their superior alien intellect allows them to subdue even the most stubborn of Earth foes

And when Sphynx kittens congregate in groups, their cuteness easily distracts you from realizing the invasion has already begun

They’ll often attack their Earth prey with triple the cuteness, knowing that you’ll just appreciate the lack of cat fur on your clothes

“It doesn’t matter if my race is invading the planet; you’ll save a fortune on lint brushes!”

Sometimes they get confused with our advanced Earth technology…

…but they’re just curious to learn how things work on this planet.

And once they’ve gotten the hang of our communication devices, they can transmit to their alien elders that their human captors are treating them well.

Taking over the Earth is tiring business, and Sphynx kittens often need to power down to conserve energy

It’s clear these hairless beings are up to something, but when they’re this regal and confident, who cares?

And if you do ever get suspicious, these wrinkly little ETs will just hit you with an irresistible stare

Because they may not be from this planet, or even this galaxy

But they still rely on their humans to give them love, warmth, and secrets about Earth’s natural resources

Just because they’re a little odd and unfamiliar with our Earth customs doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of our care and affection

So go find a sphynx kitty to love…until the day they all return to their home planet

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