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Programmers To Non-Programmers: Sorry For Making It So Easy

As the world celebrates International Programmer’s Day, programmers in Lithuania decided to stimulate public debate regarding the role of IT in the country, finally giving the job the recognition it deserves in society – with a little bit of irony.

The apology was triggered by a few local street interviews that showed how little society understands who programmers are and what they do. Phones, cars, offices, banks, hospitals… almost every aspect of modern life relies on computer code and the programmers who write that code.

Keeping that in mind, programmers decided to make their ironic public stand and apologize to society for enabling a life of leisure because all sorts of applications made life so much easier.

Forgive us, that you no longer need the maps stuffed between the seats of your car, because you now have access to the world from the palm of your hand.

Forgive us, for taking the joy out of shopping – because almost anything can be purchased with one click.

Forgive us, for making your MP3 collection obsolete, because you can now stream any music, any time. Forgive us, but your sweet old bubble TV looks enormous, because your TV now fits in your pocket.

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