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Thrift Shop Employee Writes Notes For Every Item And They’re Priceless

Some people think that thrift stores and flea markets are a complete no-go because of the second-hand nature of the items sold. However, the majority praise and near-worship them due to eco-friendly qualities and, above all, the amazing and downright priceless finds.

Even when the items themselves are not the greatest or don’t have top-tier meme value, some people find hilarious ways to make the little tchotchkes marketable. Just as this thrift shop that internet user Nicole found, where items on display have genius hand-written notes on their price tags. Scroll down below to read them all and don’t forget to comment and vote for your favorites!

Duck with duckling capable of sustaining fire

Summon things like butlers, maids, children, or angry poltergeists using this bell

Baby brownie camera. use it to take incriminating photos, because who expects a film camera to still actually work?

now you can solve society’s problems by being rich + punching people

fancy slice of rock that catches the sun just right

crib for a really small baby

nifty case of old silverware that looks like it could contain some form of spy gadget

avon aftershave that looks and smells like you put something in your pipe and smoked it

crystal pendant. nobody’s told me that it didn’t come from an ancient Mayan ziggurat

oil painting set with the face of husky george bush

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