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#WhatTheFluff For Abandoned Dogs

Rabito Kontento is dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals in the streets, stabilizing them and giving them up for adoption to responsible families. When the sensation of the #WhatTheFluff Challenge exploded on the internet, they realized that, while we all laughed, nobody stopped to understand that the famous “magic trick” creates enormous anxiety for pets. When dealing with dogs and cats every day that their owners have indeed disappeared, they decided to turn the challenge around to raise awareness about the benefits of adoption. In his version of the trick instead of disappearing the owner of a pet, Rabito Kontento appeared new owners to dogs in search of a new home. The reaction of animals to see their new owners for the first time melts your heart. With this video, they are looking for more people to emulate when they go to their local shelter and adopt a dog or cat in search of a #ForeverHome. It shows that love is true magic.

#WhatTheFluff for abandoned dogs

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