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Internet Hilariously Trolls This Mom’s Anti-Feminist #HimToo Post About Her Son, Son Responds With Class

This week has delivered an absolute gem of a meme, inevitably linked to the #HimToo #MeToo movements and counter-movements and the swirling debates around sexual assault. The issue, like most seem to be these days, has become deeply partisan as people from opposite ends of the political spectrum rally around each other and solidify their opinions based on the talking heads of their ‘side,’ while nuance and complexity are lost in the shouting.

One mother, whose right to her own opinion is beyond reproach, made the error of assuming that she could speak on her son, Pieter Hanson’s, behalf, and use him as way to promote her own views. The ensuing episode was brilliant internet in the way it unfolded, firstly with the memes that highlighted the way a mother’s blind love for her son cannot be a guarantor of his good behavior, and secondly the son’s thoughtful, dignified response, upon learning that he had become the centre of a mom-induced meme.

Mom herself doesn’t appear to be a frequent tweeter, and can be excused for her naivety on this one. She certainly didn’t expect a response like this! Her sons’ exemplary behavior, asserting their independence from her views in a calm and respectful manner, shows that she has raised them well. Scroll down to check out how it all unfolded for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This tweet from a concerned mom went viral recently


People started responding with hilarious posts







After that his brother just had to respond



And then he himself just could not stay silent any longer




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