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Meet Rick, The Cutest Hedgehog From Ukraine

Rick is a 7-month-old African pygmy hedgehog from Ukraine. When I picked Rick up from the breeder, I immediately fell in love with him. He made me smile even on the worst days. I started taking photos of him and created an Instagram page to share the joy he brings me. Rick always works the camera like a supermodel.

Prepare yourself for a serious cuteness overload!

More info: Instagram

“Hello dentist, please check my teeth”

“I’m just going to sit here and look cute, ok?”

Tiny hedgy baby

The cutest little hedgehog

“Hello, fall”

Being happy never goes out of style

Little sunshine

It’s time for some belly rubs

Comfort level – 100%

Like a bird

Just a little bit shy

Rick knows how to keep fit

Little flower

“Put me down, human!”

“Hey human, do you like my new running wheel?”

Stay weird

Little book lover

The real reason why dinosaurs disappeared

A little Buddhist

Best longboarder ever

“Let me out I want to run around your whole house”

“Hey human, do you like my lighthouse?”

Hello, little nose

Alien Rick steals a cow

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