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Someone Says That Coconuts Are Mammals Because Of Hair And Milk And It Sparks A Hilarious Debate

Many of us have various bizarre or funny shower thoughts, as it’s a well-documented phenomenon providing endless hilarious comments and stories. It’s not so rare that these ‘shower thoughts’ make us wonder in return, but it’s the people of Tumblr that take it to a whole new level. After one person shared their bathing time concerns regarding mammal classification and its relation to coconuts, one hell of a debate ensued. A complete emotional rollercoaster of a post took unexpected twists and turns involving Greek mythology, platypuses and even genetics! Scroll down below to read the whole conversation and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments!

One person shared their shower thoughts on coconuts, and how they fit the description of mammals


Image credits: manueltapi

This sparked a hilarious debate on Tumblr, full of twists and turns…

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